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  1. I have a 100W Boss Katana MKII that iI' using as a power amp and the speaker is already voiced for guitar and I am hooking up my HD 500 to it. I need to shut off the Cab Sim on my presets as it sounds like crap with it on (obviously). How can I do that via the onboard buttons? Or do I need to do that thru the desktop edit program? Any detailed help would be appreciated.
  2. My expression pedal (in either wah or volume mode) is not responding. When I rock back and forth, there is no increase or decrease in levels (0-100% etc) or wah tone, its just on. I had this same issue when I got it 7 yrs ago but don't recall how it was corrected. Can anyone help? ty in advance.
  3. I usually run my HD500 to my amp via FX Return out to the Return input on my amp head. Has worked fine for a while and now my HD500 FX Return stopped working. I get no signal at all. I can get the unit to work when I run from the Phones jack but that is a temporary fix. I've seen mention of checking the FX Loop setting. Should send and return both say 100% as well as mix? I just want to find this and fix it before I waste time finding a tech and find out it's not a jack issue but when I did an update a setting got changed.
  4. Doing acoustic gigs soon and want to find a 12 string patch w/o having to haul a 12 string around. I see many tailored for a variax but i'm using a normal 6 string. Any suggestions and would I need to run it stereo to get the effect? thanks
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