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  1. lollipop you line 6... After 6 years i couldnt fix my Spider IV 150w... It just came with fabric issue, it restarts ramdonly and you NEVER EVER said NOTHING to your customers about this issue that SO MANY people had with their amps. (It seems like a Main Board issue.. Oh... The brain of the amp...) And so many people just take it back, but i couldnt do that because i bought it in USA when i was traveling, but im from Venezuela, so, take back the amp to store or to the technical support was more expensive than the amp. Really, just lollipop you... I'll never buy anything Line 6 in my lollipoping entire life, and i'll say it to every guitarist i know... I bought your lollipoping publicity, your digital lollipop and lights, but not an amp... Just got my new FENDER BLUES JR 15w TUBE AMP months ago and let me tell you, it was cheaper (500$) and IT IS lollipopING AWESOME, sound A LOOOOOOT BETTER and its loud as lollipop If you are reading this, and looking for an amp... DONT BUY line6 amps if you want to be a serious guitarist, dont let them mesmerize with all their desing and lollipop... if you have a budget, and want an amp for LIFETIME, really, just look for another options. Out there you can find awesome solid state or tube amps for the same price (or even cheaper). Thanks for stole my lollipoping money (Spider IV 150w + Fbv Shortboard MKII = 700$ 6 years ago), and goodbye line6 forum
  2. Hi... Where can i find the spider iv 150w combo amp mainboard? i was looking in fullcompass but i found the just "power pcb for spider iv 150w combo", but it isnt the mainboard, or im i wrong?
  3. Still no lucky with solutions, after this years... I gave up, but recently i wanted to check if any solutions came up on internet but no. Line 6 ignores all this lollipop.
  4. i had have this motherlollipoping problem since 4 years ago aproximately, and still i dont find a lollipoping way to fix it! Do you guys know something about? It just turn off and on every 3, 5, 10 minutes... Unnusable amp
  5. Well... First of all. Excuse my english, im spanish speaker, so i'll do my best. I bought this amp years 4 or 5 years ago. I used it without a problem for months, i was happy... Then, while i was playing, it starts to turn off and on while i was playing LIVE on a gig. I looked around here, and there, for a solution and i didnt find it. Some people had this problem with their Spiders, so i wrote to some guys with this issue (In this forum) and they told me that couldnt find a soluticion. They said "I didn't get mine fixed.. I took it back to where I bought it and got a refund". The lollipop thing is, im from VENEZUELA and bought this amp in USA and Line 6 dont exist here! So i cant take it back and get refund, i cant send this amp to Line 6 to technical support or whatever... And still didnt find a fukin' post, tutorial, video, or whatever to fix this lollipop. I really feel stolen from Line 6.
  6. Hi. I have an Spider IV 150 amp with this problem: Reboot randomly. I bought this amp in 2010, but since 1 year (even more) i have this problem. I read the blogs, forums, and a lot of people have this problem, but nobody knows the solution... or dont write about it. Im tired, i want to fix this issue.
  7. Spider IV 150. This is my amp... One year (even more) with this problem: Reboot. I have this amp since 2010. I tried reinstalling the latest firmware using the FBV shortboard mkii, with hope.. but it doesnt work. A lot of people present the same problem... and the time, dont give me the solution!!!
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