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  1. I meant no sarcasm, just that I wasn’t clear enough in my ask. Sometimes we think we are conveying what we are thinking and trying to do so in as few words as possible. When in fact, we need to add more detail. Which is why I clarified what I was asking originally.
  2. Unfortunately, I tried this and it didn’t work the way the RE-20 does it. I was hoping the big brain collective here might have had another idea.
  3. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I know about the Cosmos Echo, the RE-20 does what's called the "twist" effect when you hold down the tap pedal. To quote the manual, " The twist effect simultaneously increases the repeat rate and the intensity, causing the echo sound to oscillate. In addition, the echo volume level is controlled." BUT the Cosmos Echo is based upon the RE-201, it has no Intensity setting. I've tried a few things, but nothing seems to replicate that Twist effect.
  4. Has anyone been able to reproduce this effect with the Cosmos Echo? Or something similar? Thanks
  5. Flip the plate over and you get bare metal. I did this with mine, although now I have it back since I plan on using it as my exp 3. However, it looks as if I need to make a cable, too.
  6. I see what you mean now. Moving the delay and pitch blocks up and keeping the reverbs in the parallel path below makes sense. Thanks again and I'll be trying this when I get home from work!
  7. Kind of. It's the basic 4 cable method. Time based effects are in the amp effects loop and the rest are in frying of it. I'm still taking a huge hit from the reverb. Especially when I'm on a dirty channel on the amp. Thanks for looking and giving advice! Bill
  8. Here's a screenshot of the preset. I'm sure there's a better way of laying it out, but this is my first week of owning the Helix. I'm not sure I see a way to get the Reverb in a parallel path given that I have it in my effects loop. I put it in the first path and wow what a volume drop. Also this is running in 4 cable, just to reiterate. Thanks,
  9. If I had a Serial path 1 (no parallel on it) that was full and I had a Volume pedal on 2, my amps effects loop then a looper, where could I put the reverb in parallel? I also have a delay and two reverb instances in the amp effects loop, so the main reverb is the one I'd like to see if I can run in parallel some how. Makes sense? Thanks, Bill
  10. I have replicated my far too large pedal board within the Helix, using my DT25 head and cab with the 4 cable method. Honestly it took about 20 minutes to do, so simple. I brought my Hovercraft Falcon 50 head home to make sure what I had replicated carried over to that head. I was amazed at how clearer my effects sounded and the overall presence of my amp was brighter. At rehearsal last night I was able to open it up out of my 6x12 cab, my band mate's heads snapped back at how clear and present it was. We are a loud band that plays in C Standard, so I was weary that the lower register would be muddy. In reality, I think the patch cables in my pedal board (even though I have an ES-8 looper) were sucking tone. I have a bit of tweaking to do with the reverbs, they seem to kill the bottom end a bit too much and some general levels, but overall I am glad I made the switch and look forward to less problematic gigs.
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