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    Hey guys .I,m an opder dude about to make the jump to a pod 500 and i dont mind admitting i,m.a bit nervous about getting my head around the technology., i used to be a recording musician across in the US bacck in the day but now i want to go out doing covers etc so if i suggest a few tracks can you techno wizards tell me if the pod 500 can rrecreate the sounds ?,No1/ the edge tone .two separate signal chains with different delay times, each with modulation on the repeats and the ability to blend them then combine the outputs in to one which would be fed into my amp ?.No2/ can it recreate the whammy pedal effect Dave Gilmour uses these days where you can jump up an octave , No3/ purely for drunken pub gigs on a friday night , can the pod recreate the correct harmonies for the hook line in Thin Lizzy the boys are back in town ,ive tried other harmonisers but they always use a seemingly mathmaticap approach and not the correct note selection ? hope ive made sense and hope someone can help me.CheersGeorge
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