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  1. You'd be surprised. See "spotlight logical fallacy". Forums are the best medium to observe what people on forums say ;) Les Paul's came out in 1952 (66 years ago). Strats came out in 1954 (64 years ago). For those who believe Variax is another way to imitate Fender & Gibson aesthetically and otherwise . . . I'd suggest you've missed the point of Variax tech (it is so much more), and by that metric, Shuriken Guitars is on track to recalibrate what Variax tech is to creative guitarists around the world. -Stevic
  2. "Twelve Foot Ninja are you affiliated with Shurikan? You sound like a company spokesman but it isn't clear." Yes. Shuriken Guitars is my brand. I am a Line 6 artist with a new line of Variax (JTV gen) equipped guitars coming out. I designed them and I play them in my band, Twelve Foot Ninja. They are made by a world class luthier in Sydney, Australia. "Great idea I guess, but the pics I've seen are some of the ugliest guitars I've ever seen." Thank you. My aim was to make the ugliest guitars imaginable. I considered all the guitars you've ever seen and selected the worst parts of each. I plan on doing the opposite to this as well: featuring only the best parts of all the guitars you've ever seen. Then I plan on systematically repeating this process for every guitarist on earth until I've made every guitar everyone wants . . . Or another plan I had was just to make what I like knowing there are a lot of like minded others: far less time consuming! "What is happening to the JTV line? Is the whole dream rig discontinued?" I am not a representative of Line 6 but I can say my guitars are in a completely different price point to JTV's. Shuriken Guitars are hand made high end guitars targeted at the modern hard rock/metal guitarist. If none of that appeals to you, I dare say you are not the target audience ;)
  3. AND....left handed models can be made at exactly the same price as the right handed models :)
  4. Line 6 will exclusively distribute the Variax brains to Shuriken Guitars but at this stage, that is the extent of their involvement (i.e they're not manufacturing or distributing the guitars). I believe there are a lot of guitarists that want a world class, high end modern guitar built for tone and playability first...with the added arsenal of Variax tech second (not the other way around). I can say with confidence that the modelled guitars (especially heavy tones) sound better because the highest quality wood is used on the guitar - you can hear it acoustically before you even plug it in. The scale of the guitar tracks the alternate tunings much better - my a/b tests with actual 7 and 8 strings render it virtually undetectable which guitar is which (other than the Shuriken actually sounds cleaner). As a massive advocate of the options Variax provides: I am beyond stoked with this instrument. Re: body shape: I understand it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I wanted to design something unique and in line with modern metal players - that said: if someone wants a tele, strat or more conventional shape: Shuriken Guitars is a boutique company: we can do whatever the hell we want, it's just not going to be cheap. Guitars like this are going to be in the $2500usd to $3500usd price range. Charles (the luthier) says, "Would you prefer a garage full of Daewoo's....or one Ferrari". I agree with him. Merry Christmas!
  5. Agreed, but if anyone wishes to have no pickups - this is also possible. Yes, it has the latest variax brain found in jtv models. ;)
  6. Can be with or without pickups (standard will be WITH). I am having two Seymour Duncan's installed on this model but if people wanted to supply their own pickups: that's cool too. Also the bridge will be replaced with something more aligned with the guitar design, the burl top will have a gloss finish and the Shuriken logo added to the headstock. =)
  7. Left handed, high end Variax equipped guitars will be available in 2015. Stay posted here for all updates until the website is up and running. https://www.facebook.com/shurikenguitars Spread the word! -Stevic (Pictured is the working prototype I just toured the U.S with)
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