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  1. I am also running El Capitan 10.11.1 beta and having the same problem with POD HD500. I can select the POD as a soundcard in MainStage, but no sound comes out.
  2. How does it play with DT amps?
  3. Does it have Bluetooth for control by mobile apps?
  4. I don't want to stop right handers from commenting. I want everybody to vote for a left handed JTV. I think it is a matter of equality that anyone can get behind. If you know a left handed guitarist, or you are a left handed guitarist - then why not vote for it? Distracting from this message with suggestions that we should modify an instrument designed for right handers, or that we should have forced ourselves to play right handed when we started, will get my down vote on this thread. It won't be viewed as helpful. It's a bit like telling your gay brother that he should "just marry a woman dressed as a man", or "just learn to be sexually attracted to women", instead of voting for marriage equality in your state. It's not going to effect you negatively to vote for equality, and it's going to make a significant proportion of the population a lot happier.
  5. Same here! I have a trusty old lefty sunburst Variax 500. It looks like a bit of a toy compared to the JTVs now though. :)
  6. I bought Logic Pro X. It is a worthwhile upgrade. There is a lot of streamlining of the GUI, that make it easier to do the things you've always done. The new Flex Pitch is amazing! Just watch out for your monthly download limit when installing - If your ISP lets you download paid Apple content for free, you may be fooled into thinking that the "jam packs" are included in this. Beware!
  7. Hey TheRealZap, I'm sorry that you think I'm being a bully. I admit I am hurt by right handers and even left-handers-who-play-right-handed, who feel it necessary to add their two cents worth of apathy, every time I mention this opportunity to vote for for a left handed JTV. It feels to me like right handers are bullying us with condescending and unsympathetic comments. I like you, and appreciate your comments and the help you give people on these forums. Can you please explain why this thread is not welcome here, and advise which would be more appropriate - a new forum or a new support group?
  8. OK, thank you right handers. We've had the obligatory "you could modify the guitar" comment now. Why did none of us think of that??? :rolleyes:
  9. And void the warranty. Great idea. Look, if you don't think left handers deserve to be catered for, then don't comment in this thread. A lot of people seem to think we are purposely being difficult. What's the big deal? Every guitar company I know of has left handed models - even Line 6 used to. Line 6 have the "USA Custom Shop", but 3 years in, still haven't managed to create a single left handed JTV model.
  10. If you know are a left hander or you know a left hander, then why not vote for a left handed JTV? http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Left-handed-JTV/506338-23508 UPDATE: While it is may be possible to rewire a right handed JTV, add a new button for the guitar strap, etc - It would void the warranty, and would leave you with a guitar that isn't exactly ergonomic. Hendrix shined with his upside-down Strat, but alas we aren't all Hendrix! To anyone who is left handed by nature, but has forced themselves to play the "right" way up - Well done. Vote anyway?
  11. Line 6 has introduced the IdeaScale forum as a means for collecting suggestions for future updates to Line 6 products. Please go and vote for a left handed JTV: http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Left-handed-JTV/506338-23508
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