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  1. Hi and thanks for replying. I originally bought it from Sweetwater Sound. However, the one I currently use was a replacement from Line-6 because my first one was obviously defective (it stopped charging after about a month). So, in essence, I guess this one came from Line-6. I've only had it for a few months now and, like I mentioned, I hardly every use it (I use Ample Sounds' Guitar App for recording guitar parts now--I think I'm getting lazier as I get older!) so I only use it if I want to lay down a track quickly. Hope this helps. Take care, John
  2. Well, since this is the second G10 Relay that I've had(I had to return the first one because it stopped charging after a couple of weeks) I'm beginning to become somewhat of an expert on the problems that this pesky (but promising) little unit is having. But first let me say, I don't think it's Line 6's problem, per se, but, rather, the manufacturer's fault (perhaps if you gave them a raise to say, 12 cents an hour, they would put more effort into your products?). Tonight I was raving about my G10 Relay to a guitarist friend of mine, but when I took it out of the charger to demonstrate it, the end cap and plastic sleeve came off!. We both tried to put it back together again because the end cap looks like it should just snap on. However, no luck. It doesn't look like it was ever glued on, but, if that's what it will take so that I don't have to return yet another one of these, that would be fine by me. Or, even better, do I really need the sleeve and end cap? I use it maybe every two weeks and only in my home studio so it's never been used in "live" situations and it's still in perfect condition (well, theoretically anyway). I've been using Line 6 products for at least a decade now and, for the most part, have been happy with them. So, all in all it was good evening--I was looking forward to doing some recording with my guitar (which I can't do now) and, I was enthusiastically extolling the praises of your wireless system, only to have it fall apart in my hands. Thanks Line 6! OK all you tireless Forum Supporters out there, I look forward to your answers or perhaps yet another RMA invoice in my email inbox. Take care everyone and, if they ever get these problems sorted out, this will be a great product (or, alternatively, I will be dead, in which case it won't matter anymore : )
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