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  1. Nice! But I was looking for something FRFR, so that I could use the cab sims...
  2. Been using a keyboard amp Peavey KB-1 with my TT. Can get good tones, but the 8 inch speaker does not get chunky enough. Any ideas of other amps to use?
  3. I have an AmpliFi TT. Had a HD 300 and HD desktop before. How do I make headphones sound good? I have a Sennheiser HD 202, and the headphones start breaking up even at low volumes, sounding very harsh and digital. Had an AKG K44, Koss Porta pro, same problem with all of them. When I use my patches through a keyboard amp (Peavey KB-1) it sounds fine. The patches downloaded with the app also sound bad with headphones. Here's an exemple of a amp patch that I use: 1. Dirty tones 2. Clean tones So, do I need a higher impedance headphone? A headphone amp? Some kind of adapter?
  4. Hi, I don´t understand your solution... I have the same problem, how would this adapter solve it?
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