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  1. I noticed that RSM0 said he might just get an express...Don't. I made the mistake of getting an express Mkii instead of the Shortboard and all the express does is cycle through the 4 presets and give you the wah/volume. It's well made, but you still need the Ipad to stay open if you want to change banks and since it takes 3-5 seconds (or at least it does mine!!) to change the actual sound..well it's pretty much useless for anything other than practice. I haven't gotten the Shortboard or the FBV 3, but if the terrible delay in sound is on the Shortboard it seems silly to buy it, at least if you want to use live for pedal effects or to change the tone.
  2. Problem solved. I bought the cheap $1.99 stereo converter from Amazon and turned out that was the problem, no problem at all with a higher quality product.
  3. Just curious how the amplifi effects stand up to a dedicated mid-leval pedal. I'll admit I'm too green to be able to hear any difference but I'm curious if any of the more experienced players have thoughts on say The amplifi compressor or chorus or distortion vs say the Boss or similar equivalent dedicated pedal? Thanks.
  4. Thanks Nick very helpful. I should have done a bit more research on the express vs . Short board. Wondering if anyone know of there is any delay in using the shortboard to trigger effects? Really just want to hit the switch and get distortion or flanger as instantaneously as an foot pedal.
  5. I have the express pedal also and it seems damn near worthless, I can't figure out how to assign an effect to pedal and the delay in switching presets is killing me!
  6. Update 2.1 allowed usb to PC/Mac works well enough for GarageBand
  7. You need a stereo plug! I had the same problem with the 1/4 to 1/8 mono plug
  8. Got the Amplifi 75, still figuring it out and so far pretty happy. I have a pair of Bose headphones that I plug in the back ( don't get me started on the placement of the headphone jack in the back!!) but had to order a cheap 1/8 to 1/4 jack off Amazon. Problem: the headphones can't handle much in terms of voluminous before they start breaking up and crackdown...but they aren't loud... At all all!! do,I have a setting off? Cheap adapter? Headphones perhaps not right for this application? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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