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  1. Who are these people defending Line 6? Why do they say the fix will be done "soon"? These posts started in July! Please define soon? I've had 4 gigs in the past two weeks where I've been using other old gear. As others have noted. The App always had Bluetooth problems. Which have been getting worse, not better, for months prior to July. My iOS remote App has been getting worse and worse for months... Now I can connect the dots. A shoddy App to begin with doesn't get better over time. Line 6 has been in denial since Day One about the remote app, but they sold it to us anyway. Most companies would have upgraded / improved the app every few weeks. We all know of many tiny entrepreneurs who do this because they care about their apps and their customers. Put me down as having lost faith in L6 as a pro-quality vendor.
  2. Totally agree. This is Line 6 giving all Amplifi customers the big wave off, except we don't even get a wave or nod from them.. We all have other Bluetooth apps, like Pandora or Spotify that work just fine on iOS9. The Amplifi Remote App stands out as being inferior. In fact, these boards are littered with observations that the Bluetooth from Amplifi is not dependable, going back to the product launch. L6 never had Bluetooth nailed for Amplifi, and now, Amplifi is a dead product for all of us suckers who had faith the L6 evolve the product.. And contrary to other apologists, we have no indication that L6 is "working hard" on this or if it's even a priority (compared to the Helix launch????) Been an L6 customer and fan since 1998... but ...
  3. My free cheapo Android tab that Verizon gave me with a phone package works better with Amplifi than my expensive iPad. Go figure. The Android never drops synch. The iPad does. And now, like thousands of Amplifi customers I have a useless hunk Amplifi because Line6 has no respect for it's customers -- not even enough respect to send out a few warning emails (which might cost them $6 to send a thousand) -- and we know they have our emails cuz we use them to register & log in to the now dead Amplifi remote app. Line 6 's continuing deafening silence is inexcusable beyond belief.
  4. So Amplified dies on iOS 9. Thanks for telling us in advance Line 6. Line 6 has created more anger than they can possibly know...They have all our emails, they could have sent out a warning or two. We're supposed to come here to find out? Really? Really? Was a Line 6 fanboy for 15 years. Now a hater. I've got gigs on the line and need to go out and get some Boss gear that actually works, unlike my now useless Line 6 hardware. Suppose I can sell it at a loss to someone on eBay who hasn't heard about this cluster----. What really stirs the anger is that L6 is just silent on the whole mess, although silence on their end does seem to be the norm more & more.....
  5. Thanks. I would love to buy a Firehawk, but need to know that you can switch between hi gain patches and those with time-based effects. Please keep me posted....Thanks.
  6. Let me know if they do!!
  7. Right, but other pedals (like POD XT or X3) don't require such in -the-moment effort and have been "seperation" between patches. Love the whole Amplifi line, but apparently not for live gigging IMHO. You could save me some time....Does Firehawk have the same issue? Then I'll get an HD500...
  8. I had the same problem ... sounds like someone firing a Star Trek phaser going from hi-gain solo patch to a clean lo-gain rhythm patch. I just posted my own story... had to return it because it would not in a gig... no way. I don't know why this doesn't get a lot of posts??? Scratching my head cuz this is a serious problem in an otherwise cool device.
  9. I recently had my 10yr old XT Pro die the day before a gig. So I ran out and bought an Amplifi FX 100 because I already have a TT in my studio and love it. However, when I set up my banks for live performance, I typically have 2 clean patches and 2 dirty, hi-gain, patches (for solos) in each bank. When switching from the hi-gain sounds to the clean sounds, I got this loud screech, like a 1950's ray gun, that would be completely unacceptable at a gig. It just lasts for a second, in between the two patches, but a deal breaker. I then listened closely to my TT and heard the same sound, just much softer, when going from a hi-gain patch to a low gain clean patch... So, is this just a part of the Amplifi circuits... I noticed that in all 25 preset banks, they do not mix hi and low gain patches ... except in one bank.... but in real life, that's exactly what I think most of us need. Any ideas..? I returned mine that day, but would love to buy it back if there is some type of guideline on patch construction to avoid this. Mine also lost Bluetooth constantly with my iPad, but was fine for my crummy Android. Go figure... And yes, I did the Upgrade first thing? Anyone else have this problem with the FX 100 or Firehawk?
  10. Can I use the Mk II Express to access all 25 banks in the Amplifi TT? or do I need the bigger FBV?
  11. Full range speakers is thee key. I use a Roland Stage PA. It's funny, for so many years L6 has talked about putting PODs etc through guitar amps ... Recently they talk more about using a PA or powered speaker. Forget about guitar amps....
  12. I play a solo gig. jazz/funk/r&b over backing trax in an App called iRealPRO (which I highly recommend) that I play from an iPad mini. A broad mix from standards to stevie wonder to pharell to chick corea. I bought the TT and use it on live gigs every week. Floor space is tighter than ever in clubs, and my old POD XT LIve was always in the way. The TT sits on top of my PA (I put a strap around it, no big deal), and the sound is so good, I could leave my PA at home and plug into the house system at many gigs. 4 tones are all I need. Clean, crunch, spacey, and molten lead. However, like the previous post, I might get a Mk II just for kicks, Very happy with the TT. No problem with the bluetooth, and no more wire from my iPad for the backing trax. Simplicity is a big plus for my situation. Walk in in one trip. Set up in 10 minutes. One disappointment, my Android Tab will not work with TT. It's a brand new tablet, with latest OS. But I realize that Android is very hard to support because of the many variations manufacturers layer onto the basic OS. Been a LIne 6 fan since my first AX2 (which I still drag out for rock gigs). This Amplifi LIne is a breakthru IMHO.
  13. I did save over Bank 1A, Fidelity, but no problems with that here. On the other hand, upgrade to latest version and factory reset did not get my Android App working. However, I understand that the world of Droid is so fragmented it can be spotty getting something like this to work. I am not a typical user. I do a solo act playing jazz/soul/r&b (over a huge collection collection of backing tracks in iRealPro) at top country clubs and restaurants in Los Angeles. Amplifi TT lets me simplifi my rig. Gig tonite, using the TT. Direct into the house system. TT, ES-175, iPad, guitar cable. That is sweet. I expect it will go well. Testing this week has be awesome. As stated by others, the Amplifi blends guitar into the mix quite well, so that it sounds like you are actually part of the band, not playing over a backing track. I've got my 4 presets loaded into the TT, that's more than I need for this type of work, so the TT can talk to my backing trax in iRealPro all nite..
  14. Thanks. That clarified those issues. Now, my Android Tablet will not synch with the TT. The tablet is brand new, current version of Android OS. Do I need a firm ware update to the TT (which is also brand new?) How will I know in the future when the TT will need firmware updates?
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