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  1. Not yet, but I sure am thinking about. I too have the DT25 used with a hd500 and very happy with it......the 1500 sounds awfully tempting...
  2. Yes, there does seem to be a slight delay when switching patches, but it's not overly noticeable. I have a hd500 and the firehawk doesn't seem to be any worse than what it does when switching patches. The delay mentioned for the display on the app is definitely noticeable (Bluetooth)
  3. Right after posting previous, I found the section in the manual and it looks like that is how it is supposed to work. From manual: "In either output mode setting, the phones output always receives the same audio as the XLR output".
  4. As a heads-up, the only way that I could get the headphone output to work is if I put the "output mode" selector to "Line" setting. While in the "amp" setting; headphone would not work. I was using a 1/4" out to my DT25 and also had XLR out (mono) run to my MAC. Not sure if that is the way it is supposed to be or not...?
  5. mcbeddall, Not that I am aware of...but not sure. I am using an iPad. Would be interested in seeing that post that you mention just to make sure. Thanks.
  6. Love it so far, and yes the HD amps sound full. I like how all of the default presets already have the variax settings applied so it is selecting the guitar model and settings for each preset. Great...even has a preset for the DADGAD tuning on the Led Zep song. The one problem that I have experienced so far is that it has lost the Bluetooth connection several times while I was messing with it last night....hope that doesn't continue !
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