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  1. I did not contact Line6. I bought the G70 at my local dealer and it was quite new so I had full warranty. So I just returned it to my dealer.
  2. My G70 had dropouts after about an hour of use. A few minutes later it dropped out for good. If I changed batteries in the transmitter all was fine again. For about an hour that is to say... Then it started all over again with dropouts and then complete silence. I returned it to my local dealer and they sent it to the general agent. After a feew weeks I got it back. The transmitter was replaced with a brand new.
  3. I´m having serious problems with my G70. For the last few months it have stopped working completely after one or two hour of use. It starts with dropouts and after a few minutes it goes completly silent. If I changes batteries in the ttransmitter it will work for an hour or so again. I have updated to the latest firmware so that can not be the problem.
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