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  1. For those who want to vote.
  2. rlm01


    Thank you friends.
  3. rlm01


    I'm asking because my Helix don't connect anymore to any PC, I wonder if could be a hardware problem or a firmware or software problem.
  4. rlm01


    What should happen if I connect my Helix to a PC that doesn't have the drivers intaled? Will I receive a message that the device wasn't recognized?
  5. No I didn't. But are you shure it will not erase my presets and IR's. Does anybody does this Boot in safe mode to confirm?
  6. Maybe you're right, warning is a strong word. But with this I just want to prevent everybody that it could happen, and wish that nobody pass what I'm passing thruogh. About a bug report I don't think it's the case becase bug is an error or mistake when the software does a thing the it isn't suppose to do, or is nor responding to a command. In my case the hardware is not working anymore.
  7. OK, lets see in parts. - Does that USB port work for other things? Yes for other devices all ports in PC and Laptop are working well. - Have you tried a different USB port with Helix? Yes I tried all ports, uninstal and reinstal all usb ports, reinstall the driver, the same version of my helix firmware. - Restarted Helix? Yes restarted many times. - Restarted your computer? Yes, after reistall the driver. - you might need to install the editor (the same version as your Helix firmware). The version installed is the same as the Helix firmware, it was working well for about three weeks. - I'm betting you will end up reinstalling the editor on your existing PC or at worst reinstalling your Helix firmware. Yes I relistalled the editor the updater in PC and laptop and the two can't connect to helix, neither the updater can see my healix. -Sometimes mine disconnects of it's own accord. A simple unplug and replug of the USB fixes it. Not sure whether it's the computer or the Helix at fault. Never been a serious problem. Mine was doing the same til the the day it disconnects and never connected again. - .....and try different USB cable. Tried 3 USB cable that are working for other devices.
  8. I had my Helix connected to PC for about 4 hours and then a receive a message that it was not connected anymore. Since then I can't connect to any PC with the editor or the updater. I think that the USB connector or something else is damage. So I can't load any preset or IR to the Helix. A info Tech said that it could be that connected much longer something got to hot and damage. I'm in Brasil and don't know what to do. Sorry for my poor english, but I think that the idea of what could happen is clear.
  9. Thank you all. I alredy have a backup of all presets and IR's, the editor was working fine untll a week ago. I think I'm gonna write all the paches settings and reflash the firmware, doing a global 9&10 reset. If the case is the USB port on the Helix has crapped out, I can recreate the presets manually, a lot of work but I think it's the only way to know what's happening.
  10. Ok, Thank you all for helping. I have alredy uninstalled all the Helix software first and then reinstall the Helix app (driver, Editor, and Updater), tryed another usb cable in all USB ports, uninstalled all USB with the Windows device manager and reboot the PC. Didn't work. My question is if I do a 6&12 (safe boot mode) reset, the presets and IR's loaded will still be there? Thanks.
  11. I had the editor open and running, sudenly come a message "helix device not connected". Since then I can't connect to any of my PC or Laptop win 7. Helix updated to 2.01 and using ultimate editor. Have made a reset with footswiches 5+6 - Global Reset (Stayed the Same) Did not make any other kind of reset, my fear is that it will not work and I lose all presets and IR's loaded. In windows I reistalled all usb drivers, other devices working with USB. Anyone have a solution or any idea of what can I do? Thanks to all.
  12. It happened to me too. As i remeber a had reset the helix this way: ENC3 & ENC4 - restore stock presets and setlists. Since then I almost never import a setlist, I export presets to a folder and when I need them I drag and drop from this folder to a setlist. This error never happened again.
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