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  1. Wish I could score one or two of Steve's HD500 sound patches just for comparison. I use the Deluxe Reverb pre-amp for most of my YES tones.
  2. The amp works fine after the power transformer and two power capacitors were replaced. It cost me $250 out of pocket. Will it work forever...only time will tell. I really like the tones out of this amp, especially the Marshall tones. My knock against the DT50 2x12 is the weight. It is a beast, almost too much for one person to load into a vehicle by himself. Unlike Steve Howe, I don't have roadies moving my gear for me.
  3. OK, so they Service Tech replaced the power transformer and the C7 and C17 capacitors. I'll try the amp out tonight.
  4. Has Line 6 received my DT50 chassis yet? Any word on what was found?
  5. I just spoke with Tom at Audio Magentic professionals. We are going to ship the electronics portion of my DT-50 back to Line 6 for troubleshooting and repair at the component level.
  6. Tom at AMP will call you. Thanks for your continued help.
  7. Just got the worst possible news on my DT50 2x12. The repair shop called and said that they replaced the transformer. The amp now powers up but there is no audio output just high frequency noise. The tech suspects the main processor board is bad. He's going to call me back with the cost but at this point the amp is probably not worth repairing.
  8. It's been two weeks, my repair shop (Audio Magnetic Professional Services in Wellngton, FL) has not yet received the replacement power transformer for my DT50. Psarkissian or someone else at Line 6 please help!
  9. By the way it was only because of Steve Howe that I bought this amp. I play in a YES tribute band in South Florida. The amp is at Audio Magnetic Professional Services. Call Tom (561 333-0335) on the specifics of what he found thus far.
  10. The little fuse in the power plug assembly (I think it's 6 amp), not the tube protection fuse.
  11. Amp was used 5-10 hours/month over the last three years in rehearsal room and only gigged out twice. It was moved very infrequently, as it is a bear to move due to its weight. Tubes are factory original. I have a Fender Twin Reverb that is 12 years old with original factory tubes that is still going strong, never been worked on. If a tube were the issue the fuse would blow to protect the transformer. According to your local service center the transformer blew (shorted out) taking out the fuse. So, it seems the transformer thing was not solved some time ago as Line 6 suggests. Either the transformer power rating was under-designed or your transformer supplier had a quality issue. I hope it was not the former as then I could expect another transformer failure in the future. Then again, if the latter and the replacement transformer is from the same lot, I can expect another failure. I have lost confidence in this amp. No wonder Steve Howe keeps a spare behind stage.
  12. DT50 2x12 sounds great but is unreliable due to power transformer issues. Mine blew, will cost me $200 to replace as I bought it 3 years ago even though they knew they had prior transformer issues.
  13. Well apparently the power transformer issue is still there. I was just told by my service center that I need a new power transformer. Line 6 is not covering it under warranty, $120 plus $80 labor. Line 6 told me my S/N was not covered by Tech Bulletin 059, so I guess that means they didn't fix the design or supply chain issue.
  14. Fuse blew in my DT50 2x12 for the first time yesterday, right after sound check at a gig, the worst possible scenario. I've had it for almost two years, bought it new, so it's out of warranty. I called Line 6 and they said my S/N was not included in the original Tech Bulletin #059 lot. So maybe the transformer issue has not gone away. I'll find out after I bring it to the nearest service center.
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