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  1. changingparadigm

    JTV-69 Acoustic Model Issues

    Just ready the posts about adjusting the pickup's myself. I am going to try that. Looks like a piece of cake to do it. I dont think i need to wait 4 days for the service center to take a quick look and do 1 minute of work on the pick ups.
  2. changingparadigm

    JTV-69 Acoustic Model Issues

    psarkissianThank you for the reply. I am going to take the variax to an authorized service center to see if they can help adjust. The warble in the audio file was very suttle as I was very lightly plucking the strings. In typical play it is magnified much more. But I hope to report good news after I bring the guitar in to the service center and will share my results.
  3. changingparadigm

    JTV-69 Acoustic Model Issues

    Thanks for the feedback. I've actaully had this set up by a luthier and still have this issue. I've got no buzzing on the guitar. Maybe I have a bad guitar but not sure. I've got a ticket into Line 6 support that i'm waiting a reply on.
  4. I have a JTV-69 (Korean) paired with an HD500x and the acoustic models are giving me a major issue w/ the sound when hitting certain frets. Typically the string/fret that make this noise is A-7&8th fret and also D-4th fret. The sound is almost like a feedback and horrible resonance sound where the sound is much louder than the other frets. Anyone else notice this issue with the acoustic models.
  5. changingparadigm

    Make Your Variax Sound 100% Better

    Does anyone have the first link from katiekerry When i click he link, it takes me to an invalid page.
  6. changingparadigm

    Android App

    I was talking to a Line 6 rep yesterday and the plan it to hopefully release the Android app by the end of October 2014. Of course there can always be an issue but lets hope for the release to happen this month. :)