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  1. davidjtsim76


    Hi guys, I maybe missing this somewhere but is there a process for converting existing patches with various fx on/off to a snapshot setup? Or should I rebuild the patch from scratch with them built in? Any tips gratefully received.
  2. davidjtsim76

    Rig pic

    Nice rig dude! I was running mine same way into Rocktron until I went FRFR, which tbh, I was nervous about but its really been the way to go!
  3. Ahhhhh, Doh! Of course it is, blindingly obvious indeed! Thanks guys.
  4. Hi guys, I know that in my Helix rack amps etc grey out when DSP limit is reached, but after the 1.50 update to Native the same thing seems to be happening for some reason. I know I'm probably missing something blindingly obvious here but can't think what?
  5. All good thoughts guys, the monitor behind thing is possibly the last bit of insecurity, I think I just needed that little bit of familiarity but def going to try it in direct monitor situation too. I found just because of the angle and the fact I raised it up a little that I didn’t need half the volume I thought I might. The its only me and the bass player not on in ears so he just had a little back through his wedge and everyone else adjusted to taste. I reckon with some more tweaking it will be just unbeatable.
  6. So after only a month owning the rack and controller, and only 2 rehearsals, my new rig got its first run out. Its a 3 band tribute, ELO (PLO), Meatloaf (Cheatloaf) and Non Jovi (fairly obvious). We do varied size venues, but typically 350ish seats. Its a hefty set of sounds and needs from 4 different harmonizer settings to grungy octaver and the obvious difference in amp sounds for those bands. In short, the Helix delivered and then some! I was nervous about patches translating to FOH but there was no audible difference to what was coming out of my Yanaha DXR 10 thankfully. I use a couple different IR’s from Ownhammer and 3Sigma, but the Helix does the rest. Any concerns I had about there being a different ‘feel’ to the rig were gone within 5 mins of cranking it up (I use the DXR behind me set to monitor) and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever had such clarity onstage from any previous rig. The band noticed the difference in a cleaner stage sound and it of course the load in and out was just bliss! I genuinely can’t imagine needing or wanting to go back to tubes with options this thing has, and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Anyone on the fence about getting one of these, I am here to say don’t be, you won’t regret it for a second!!
  7. Interesting! No, no need for stereo, coming from miking up cabs that makes sense. Cool, that’s a great help, cheers dude! Next gig isn’t till 8th Dec but will maybe do a report on how it goes and further questions!
  8. Yup, everybody has said that! Was actually taken aback at how loud the thing gets! I guess to be more specific, if I set up patches and am happy with them, do you guys find they translate to FOH? My plan is to run mono to the DXR but stereo out to FOH via xlrs or is that a daft way of doing it?
  9. Hi Guys, So went all in on FRFR with one of these guys. Sounds bloody fantastic (not really sure why people say there’s an adjustment tbh) but interested to hear any tips hints users of that speaker might have.
  10. Hi guys, So after a week or 2 of poweramp and cab I’m realising I’m not really using this beast the way its meant to be - so been looking at FRFR solutions and the Matrix FR 10 or 12 seems to fit the bill. Any thoughts on these compared to other rigs?
  11. Hi guys, So ran my new Helix at rehearsal last night using the Archon model preamp into my Rocktron Velocity and then a Marshall 4x12 (not mine just whats at the studio). It really sounded pretty great without too much effort but curious to know what people with similar set ups are doing to remove or tame that little bit of fizz on the top end? Eq or is there a more Helix oriented solution? I am totally in love however and its maybe the best gear purchase I’ve made!
  12. So 24hrs with my new Helix rack. First impressions are how easy its been to get a great sound without cracking the manual, so intuitive and well thought out. Currently running into a Rocktron Velocity 300 into an Orange 2x12 and Logic in the studio. I was previously running an HD ProX into same setup and I have to say its like night and day! The Pod was always 85% there but the Helix is so much more responsive, the amps sound better and more importantly to me, feel like amps. The missing magic ‘feel’ thing that if I’m honest I was dreading being disappointed by, but this thing is just fantastic in that respect! So, anyone else running a similar setup? Any tips or tricks?
  13. Hi guys, Been reading this forum for a but 2 years now, and finally got my brand new Helix rack with controller! Looking forward to contributing as I get to know my new baby! Cheers David
  14. Hi Guys, Got a G10 other day and used it for first time ladt night for a 3 band tribute show I do: ELO, Meat Loaf and Bon Jovi, so apart from ELO fairly energetic and a lot of stage coverage. I had initially gone in for a G30 but they were out of stock so grabbed a G10. Set up is dead easy, literally plug it in, turn up the volume and good to go. Stage last night not the biggest, but with enough wireless gear going on for there to be a good test of frequency issues, glad to report not a single conflict! As far as I can hear, there really is only maybe a microscopic difference in tone between cable and the G10, certainly nothing that would make anymore difference than a slight eq adjustment. Venue was pretty big with a balcony and despite the 50ft range, I suffered no drop outs when I went for a wander. Brilliant little unit, really pleased! Nice one Line 6, 2017 I intend to pair it with a Helix to replace my current Pro X!
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