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  1. I just saw it at the bottom of the screen, But thanks!
  2. Thanks for replying, first of all. So I'm referring to the software editor, there's no where I can see that will allow me to assign an effect - be it an amp or a reverb- to one of the switches on my hardware/floor unit. Yeah I can create my patches with ease but not my switching options. I realise I can do all of these things on the hardware, I'm either totally mistaken about the software editor or I'm suggesting it would be a great feature. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the tips, this is something I've noticed as I tune my guitars and basses a lot and of course it's crucial during intonation checking.
  4. I'm hoping they give the editor more in the way of editing functions such as assigning fx/pedals/amps etc to controllers etc and the tuner et al. This is really a selfish hope because I use my editor to switch when at home then have to bend down to do pedal assignment etc. Adding the tuner interface/graphics to the editor could be possible in my view due to it being part of the native version. But we get what we're given.
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