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  1. Hi Dayo007, as far as I can see, the Bluetooth unit of all Amplifi models is only receiving audio (from your iPad), not sending it. That means, you can send playback jam tracks from the iPad to the TT while editing sounds at the same time via Bluetooth. But to get the sound (both guitar and jam tracks) you hear on your headphone over your hifi system, you will need to connect a cable (or two if you want to have stereo).
  2. Hi there, I'm thinking about purchasing an amplifi tt and I've got two questions. 1) I've understood it can be used as an audio interface via usb. But can it be used for Re-Amping as well? That is, can I set my guitar track output in Cubase (i.e. does amplifi provide such an output) and set another track's input to "Amplifi TT"? 2) As I already own an amplifi 75 for which I have created quite a few sounds that suit my taste, can these sounds be loaded to the TT Model as well? Are the sound patches of the two models compatible? Thanks in advance! :)
  3. Hi there, I use my Amplifi 75 a lot for playing along to music I have loaded on my iPad. As far as I can see, the app refers only to the iPad music library. So that means it can only play songs of which the data have been loaded onto the iPads internal memory. Since my iPad's storage is very limited and I'd like to play along with my whole music collection that is based on a NAS storage (and it's not identical with the iTunes media library) I wonder if there is a function to stream music from a home network NAS and jam along with these tunes? Does such a function exist (and I've only missed it so far)? Otherwise I'd recommend that for the app's next update to come. As far as I can see, the Android version has the same limitations. Of course I can choose a workaround and stream the music from the NAS via any other media app like file explorer or others and run amplifi and have both worlds in parallel use. But this solution squashes the idea of useing the tone match function, which is a pity. :(
  4. Thanks for all your answers, guys. From a Mac user point of view I can understand what RealZap means. I'd love to go with iTunes - if they had made it just a little simpler... So, to be frank, my way of thinking was just the other way around - why should I bother with an (in my eyes) very complicated system like iTunes which I never really got to work as I wanted it to and which - as far as i know - can only handle audio files I have either bought in the iTunes store or which have been ripped by this program? I have so many more mp3s that have been generated by 3rd party stuff and they're not considered by iTunes as part of its library, and synchronization will not include them... ? So I thought there must be a better way for me... and, yes, after googling for about 30 minutes I found a little helper app called "copytrans" (installed it on my PC with Win 7) which allows to copy mp3s from my HDD directly onto the iPad via usb (and even into the right folder, as far as i can see). Did this, created a playlist on the ipad and... hooray, the Amplifi remote app recognizes songs, albums and playlists. And the auto tone detection seems to be working, too! ;)
  5. What a pity... Being a loyal PC user for over 20 years, I'm quite new to the Apple world. Bought my first ipad a few weeks ago. I still find it hard to accept there is no card slot. :-) That means I have to download my music to the ipad physically so it is really (!) stored there? Are there any other apps apart from iTunes match that could transfer my audio files (mostly mp3s) from my PC or NAS to the iPad? Tried FileExplorer (free version) and the access works flawlessly but only streaming is possible. No drag & drop / copying. Would the full version be able to do that? If not, I'll have to live with that limitation. However, I've heard that one can stream audio from another app via bluetooth to the amplifi amp while still being able to edit, load and save tones in the AR app. I guess I'll choose this option as a workaround then. The only question is: Will auto tone detection work under these circumstances? Or is audio only analyzed by AR when it is played back in AR itself?
  6. Hi there, does anyone know which of the iOS apps the iPad version uses as reference when it comes to show the content on the "Music Library" page? On my android smartphone, amplifi remote seems to take over the library (including playlists!) from the standard music player which dad been preinstalled on the device. The audio files are stored on a micro sd card there. As for my iPad i have not copied any music files to the ipad device so far. I hoped it would be possible to direct amplifi remote to an external drive or a cloud service like iCloud as a reference storage device for my audio files - and/or that AR could navigate through my home network and play files from my NAS (which, for me, would be the most simple and convenient solution,leaving out all that confusing cloud system)? Thanks for all help to come!
  7. Hmmm... could it be that Android and iOS devices behave differently in that aspect? Will try later...
  8. I'm sorry, somehow I must have deleted my post "Where are my tones stored?"? I was not intending this - are all your really good answers lost now ? ? ? If yes: Shame on me - :( I beg your pardon please! To save the essential, I'll try to sum up the conversation like this: 1) Amplifi's "My Tones" data ist stored in the cloud. 2) Additionally, a copy of "My Tones" data ist also stored on my local Android or iOS device. 3) These two data pools are being kinda sync'd every time (or every now and then) I 'm online with a WiFi connection. 4) ...and a final, just recently discovered theory regarding saving new tones: New tones are being saved in the cloud first, then copied to the local device (which would explain that I could not save new tones the other day while I was offline). Thanks for all your thoughts and help and much fun with your Amplifi! :D
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