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  1. I wonder if that was it. We use IEMs, so there could have been some compression on the mix to our ears. Thanks, I'll double check this on tomorrow's gig.
  2. Thanks for the replies ya'll (would have said that earlier, but forgot to click on notifications). I later in the week learned/realized that "cab" = IR. The Cab block with IR is indeed "guaranteed terribleness." I'm at a point now where I have some real usable sounds. In the Stomp have the Amp, IR, then two effects (delays or reverbs usually). Though the one I ended up using a lot on last night's gig was a Plexi, that was just the Amp/Cab block (no IR), so go figure. Quick question/observation: Speaking of last night's gig. There were times in which the sound almost fluttered, like vibrato. It wasn't constant, but here and there the sound wavered. Maybe a power issue, or DSP issue? I would only have 4 blocks on at max. I was going into the Stomp with some ODs before it, then went out of the Stomp to a DI, then to the board. Anyone else experience this? Thanks again
  3. It's a Sunday night and I'm wondering how many other players out there use the Stomp for amp-less gigs? Thats why I got it, as basically every gig I do now is sans amp (I know, the horror!). I want to make sure I'm clear on incorporating 3rd party IRs with the rest of the amp simulations. Let's say my signal chain is guitar->wah->comp->ODs->HXStomp->DI and then in the snake out to the console. Within the Stomp, let's say I wish to only use time-based effects and the "4-cable" method. My first block is a pre-amp, two blocks of effects, then I'm left with 3 open slots. To finish the rest of my "amp," should I need 3 blocks: amp, cab, and IR file? Or the Amp/Cab 2-in-1 block and an IR block? Do you even need the Cab block if you're using an IR? So just Amp and IR? Lastly, are the amp options the whole amp (pre and power), so does that mesh well with having the individual pre-amp in the first block position? Reading through the manual, at first I thought the individual Amps (without Cabs) were just the power section, but I think that was a wrong assumption. (I've just read some comments tonight in another thread that a DI may not be necessary, so ignore that for now). Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply Kilrahi. I'm going to go the dual switch route. I like being able to see what two blocks are assigned to FS 1 & 2 in stomp mode.
  5. Hey ya'll, I searched the forums for this exact question and haven't had any luck yet. I'm still fairly new to the HX Stomp. I wish to move through the Presets (i.e. 35b, 35c, 36a, 37b, etc), while in stompbox mode, with my foot instead of bending down to turn the top wheel. Is that possible with an external pedal of some kind, or is there a way within the Stomp itself? Maybe I completely missed this in the manual. Thanks!
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