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  1. Good point. They used to have a dedicated guy helping with the switch issues but I haven't seen him jump in. They don't even sell the switches or tell you where to really get them (dparks gave me a fake/wrong email address to contact and is maintaining radio silence so far). IMHO, the right thing to do would have been to recall the guitars. Failing that they should bundle the guitar with spare switches if they are not going to fix the root problem... otherwise folks are left with an expensive but useless guitar.
  2. Thanks silverhead. I got in touch with dparks but he could not help me due to the age of the guitar. I believe Rich Renken was helping with this before and handling things. I think they should really give extra switches with this guitar. The guitar is nearly a grand and a half but useless because of the defective switch.
  3. Could you please tell me where this switch is available for order? Preferably a higher quality one. I can't find it on the Line6 website. What part number do I need to input? Does the JTV-59US have a higher quality switch than the JTV-59? Mine stopped functioning after barely any use. Do you guys remember if there was a recall for this? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have exactly the same problem -- failure of the toggle switch after 2.0 update. I think my guitar shipped with a defective switch, however because of the age of the guitar, Line6 cannot help me, even though the guitar is in basically new condition. How did you get help on this? Thanks! Navin.
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