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  1. I play my Helix through my small pa,speaker's are 2 Peavey 2x15 cabs,each with a horn of course,all i can say is i have the sound i spent year's trying to obtain.Clean's,crunchy,dirty,i couldn't be happier.Used to spend hour's looking at gear {craigslist,musician's friend,ect},i don't look any more.The Helix has cured my G A S.
  2. Thank's for the helpful advice,and how some of you are using the Helix.For now iv"e decided i"ll run it through my existing PA that i already had.Wanted the studio monitor's because of their size since i like to play up stairs as opposed to going to the basement to play through the pa.But since the small monitor's did"t give me what i had hoped{but really doubted},and since i live alone,i drug my pa upstairs.Sounds great.Only thing is my pa speaker's have 2 15"s in each.Thinking if they had 1 12" in each,maybe a little better,but for now loving the sound.Thanks again for the positive and helpful responses.Peace
  3. Hey friends,has anyone had any good results using the helix through either studio monitors or powered pa speakers.I tried my helux through my pa which has two cabinets,each has 2 15" speakers plus a horn.i bought some yamaha hs5 monitors.The 2x15 wasn't bad.The studio monitors were horrible.I'm thinking of trying a 1x12 pa speaker.Maybe get a little tighter sound with that.And being able to get the powered pa cabs almost as cheap as studio monitors,maybe a better idea all around.Any thiught's?
  4. Thanks for your replies,hopefully i can get this done soon.Just learning how to operate a mac,coming from windows so i think i am the biggest problem. again thanks for taking time to give me your advice.Happy rocking"
  5. Hey fellow helix freaks,i just got myself a helix.So far i am impressed by the presets,but would like to update it to the 2.01 firmware.I've got the download onto my mac,but i am yet to see the mac notice that the helix is plugged into the usb.Is there something i have to do(download something else) before it will update?Sorry if this has been answered previously(probably has),would greatly appreciate any advice.Thank's in advance
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