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  1. For any Rage fans on here, Here is a link to my preset and my custom made IR file made specifically for the preset. All guitars on the video are Helix, Quad tracked
  2. I think many of the fx in Helix are great, i love the drive pedals the modulations are good the delays are outstanding but the reverbs are not as good and the weakest part of the Helix for me. They are usable for sure and can sound ok when dialed in right but they lack richness compared to other pieces of gear i own. I'm pretty sure we will get an update at some point. My favorite reverb i have is the UAD EMT250 i would love to see a model of the EMT on the Helix
  3. Thanks guys, @Gtrmike Just click the facebook link in my signature below and when you're there click ask to join. Cheers
  4. The only way i could see this working and being user friendly is if Helix had a lock function like the Kemper has. For example on the kemper you can lock any fx so when you change preset/profile whatever you have locked will stay in place regardless of the preset chosen until you push unlock
  5. Somebody told me Helix can't do metal very well so i've been experimenting and find it's great for metal
  6. I own a Kemper toaster an Axe FX2 XL and a Helix. They are all great devices and all sound great. I'm not saying that because it's the right thing to say, i'm saying it because it's the truth
  7. Here is some Friedman BE 100 tones i created, available for free on my facebook group. I will also upload them for free here in a few days
  8. This is one of the presets from my Friedman matched IRs that im uploading Thursday Does anyone know how to embed soundcloud links on this forum?
  9. Well,,, that is something you don't see every day :) I'd love to go there myself
  10. I have had a lot of people asking me asking if i would share my Helix presets without them having to join my facebook group as many don't use FB. Here is a direct download link to what i've done so far. Enjoy Here is a few videos i've put up to demo these sounds
  11. Thanks very much guys, it's been a lot of work but equally a lot of fun making these. The Friedmans i'm posting next week are probably the best i've made so far
  12. I have to disagree with the OP, for me the tube screamer sounds very close to my Joyo tube screamer clone and i'm more than happy with it. The Minotaur on the other hand is my favorite drive pedal i've ever used be it digital or hardware. Minotaur is incredible to me
  13. Here are some new Helix patches complete with IRs Free to download on my FB Helix group there are 5 new ones uploaded today
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