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  1. Hmmm... regarding the "100% compatible" posts I have read on this forum with regard to "multi-color effect buttons," I felt compelled to provide an example statement, that I believe is more illustrative of honesty in action... "The Line 6 FBV can be used as a pedal controller with the Line 6 Amplify 30, 75, 150, and TT products. However the button LEDs will illuminate red only, and the multi-color illumination based on effect type is NOT supported." You will NOT find any statement like THAT on the box, helping you to make an informed purchase. When phrases like "100% compatible," are used in a description, it sort of (i.e. totally) implies that the are no listed features that don't work. And don't try to append any "ifs, ands, or buts" to the claim. 100% means exactly that... 100%. All. Every feature, on every listed compatible device works. And this feature is listed on the box, and my Line 6 AmpliFi 75 is listed on the box. I apologize for my tone here (yeah, that's a joke), but the two major features I wanted when I clicked the "BUY NOW" button, were the "multi-color effect buttons" and the "single cable to/from the ampifier" features. And, indeed, there is just a single cable required from/to the amplifier! (So, I guess I got 100% of features I wanted... but not the multi-color effects buttons.) **Frown and big sigh**... Now, what would be really outstanding is if Line 6 could state whether or not THIS particular feature is even possible to deliver with just a "firmware" update to our existing hardware platforms. And additionally, if the answer is "Yes, it is technically possible," then any information regarding whether the Product Line Development folks have plans to implement it. And, "No," I am not going to repost all of this at some other "idea" website or forum as I've spent way too much time trying to keep this post polite and accurate. It's your company, not mine. I've given my honest and constructive input right here, do with it as you will.
  2. The decision to use/make switches activate on release was poor at best. Just another reason for me to be unhappy with my purchase. Can you imagine how drummers would react to a kick pedal that activates on release rather than press? I would encourage the "design" team for this pedal to take some tips from the team that built the Line 6 PODHD500... Switch Activation? Not good, see how the PODHD500 works for a good implementation. Tuner? Not good, see how the PODHD500 works for a good implementation. "Burly" Wah Pedal? Not nearly as rugged as the one on the PODHD500. Use one like theirs. Switch Access? Not good. The PODHD500 has the buttons "tiered" so that the upper row of buttons are easy to hit without accidentally hitting the lower level buttons. All it requires is two more bends on the sheet metal. Documentation? Not good. See the manual for the PODHD500 for an example of good documentation. Just... just unhappy, for such top-dollar ($250) spent... I just didn't realize that this pedal would be so radically unsatisfying since it is not a "rocket science/never been done before" item. Well, in fairness, the new multi-colored buttons is "new," but they don't work, a primary reason for my decision to buy. And for the other standard features to work less well than in past products is astounding to me. On the other hand... The single cable connection is MUCH appreciated, and the single best feature of this new product. I am hoping that a firmware upgrade can make the multi-color switch lights work as advertised. Does anyone, upon reading this, know if they can be fixed, or if they will be fixed?
  3. I own about a dozen Line 6 products, with my most recent purchases including a Line 6 AmpliFi 75, and a Line 6 FB3. Both are fully upgraded to the latest firmware releases as of the date of this post... Regarding the multi-color LEDS, here are my honest thoughts... An apology is "nice," even maybe "heart-warming." But the box that the Line 6 FBV 3 comes in says exactly that, "MULTI-COLOR LEDS ILLUMINATE WITH THE ASSIGNED EFFECT TYPE." And the Line 6 website includes the Line 6 AmpliFi 75 on the Line 6 FBV 3 "compatible" list. Thus, since the LEDs on my foot controller are not multi-colored, I find this to be false advertising, or at least deceptive at best. I fully expect this feature to be implemented in a post-purchase firmware/software release ASAP! Having said that, I do very much enjoy this Line 6 AmpliFi 75, as it is a great practice amp. And lightweight! I do have a couple of "let's remember honesty" comments regarding it as well though: 1) Make no mistake, this is a PRACTICE amplifier, do NOT expect to be able to count on it for flawless professional live performance accompanying music from your iOS device. The connectivity performance of this product is far from ready for professional use. 2) The product is touted as performing "tone matching," for patches that will be suited for a particular song. There is absolutely no "tone matching" going on whatsoever. By "tone matching" what is meant is that the product will search "on a cloud" for tone patches that have been TEXTUALLY DESCRIBED by a user community as matching a particular composition. I suspect most consumers know this, and I certainly did before buying mine, but true "tone matching" is indeed a technical possibility these days, and this product does NOT do it. Again, claims made regarding these products are clearly being exaggerated for some purpose, and yet, these are very good products! I very much like Line 6 products, and have ever since buying the Line 6 Flextone II Plus years ago. I just would encourage Line 6 to be a little less "deceptive" regarding their product claims. Customers will be happy with a product that does everything that is claimed of it, but severely disappointed with the same product that doesn't. And regarding product documentation... well, for my decade-old Line 6 Flextone II Plus: complete, thorough and even fun to read! For my 2016 products, let's just say "no stars out of five," in several languages.
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