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    Helix FAQ

    This is a great feature (using the volume and tone knobs as controllers) also available on the HD500x, but unfortunately as soon as you change the pickup selection the tone/volume lock gets "forgotten" by the HD500x and the guitar goes back to being a regular tone or volume control - is this something that's fixed with Helix?
  2. Bummer... Still happening under firmware 2.61, any update on fixing this?
  3. Hi, I want to use my variax tone knob to control various settings from the HD500x, unfortunately the "tone lock" (which is supposed to keep the tone set to a fixed level at all times) "resets" when switching pickups on the variax: in HD500x edit, set the "Local control" to "tone lock" Set the tone knob to control (for example) the chorus mix Lower tone knob to 0% on the variax -> no change in tone, but chorus mix drops, as expected... so far so good :) Now... Change the pickup (using the selector) on the variax... sounds as if the "real" tone control has been rolled down to 0! I expect the guitar's tone (in "tone lock" mode) to remain the same regardless of what I do to the tone knob. BTW, the same problem happens in "Vol + Tone lock" mode. My setup: POD HD 500X Flash Memory v1.32 Variax JTV-89F firmware v2.10 Would be great if this was fixed in the upcoming v2.6 :)
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