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  1. @hideout thanks man but I need an angle plug from both ends tho :(
  2. Hi guys, I'm looking for one of these. Where could i get one? both angled plugs power cord. Thanks!
  3. Any Idea where to get one of these? Thanks!!!
  4. @Guru Thanks for the quick response mate! I guess will update to 2.30 using the steps in the link. I'm hopeful as well that they would include more filter effects POD HD500x has. Cheers!
  5. Recently purchased a Helix floor yesterday and FW version is still 1.03. Shoul I directly upgrade it to 2.30 using the L6 updater? Thanks!
  6. HI BillBee, They just forwarded me to the local distributor to check the unit with, I was lucky enough cause its still on warranty, Bought it 3/2315 last year. But I already ran onto this issue late last year and I couldn't reproduce the bug before, Unlike now, it just restarts when you try to browse some amps.
  7. I already reinstall the latest firmware, Through USB 2.0, 3.0 I even reset and erased my existing patches. Tried also reinstalling it on safemode, Still does the same, Note: Issue persist when selecting amps tru HD500x Edit :(
  8. Can someome help me about this issue? I was able to reproduce the bug going on my HD500x, It restarts when selecting Amp models, The volume will go off first then followed cycle on and off the unit. I am on latest firmware 2.62 and lates usb drivers. Appreciate any help guys! Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMm42MFYWfI
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