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  1. Incubus32

    Helix Right or Left angled Power Cord

    @hideout thanks man but I need an angle plug from both ends tho :(
  2. Incubus32

    shorter power cord for Helix

    Hi guys, I'm looking for one of these. Where could i get one? both angled plugs power cord. Thanks!
  3. Incubus32

    Helix Right or Left angled Power Cord

    Any Idea where to get one of these? Thanks!!!
  4. Incubus32

    Updating the Helix

    @Guru Thanks for the quick response mate! I guess will update to 2.30 using the steps in the link. I'm hopeful as well that they would include more filter effects POD HD500x has. Cheers!
  5. Incubus32

    Updating the Helix

    Recently purchased a Helix floor yesterday and FW version is still 1.03. Shoul I directly upgrade it to 2.30 using the L6 updater? Thanks!
  6. HI BillBee, They just forwarded me to the local distributor to check the unit with, I was lucky enough cause its still on warranty, Bought it 3/2315 last year. But I already ran onto this issue late last year and I couldn't reproduce the bug before, Unlike now, it just restarts when you try to browse some amps.
  7. I already reinstall the latest firmware, Through USB 2.0, 3.0 I even reset and erased my existing patches. Tried also reinstalling it on safemode, Still does the same, Note: Issue persist when selecting amps tru HD500x Edit :(
  8. Can someome help me about this issue? I was able to reproduce the bug going on my HD500x, It restarts when selecting Amp models, The volume will go off first then followed cycle on and off the unit. I am on latest firmware 2.62 and lates usb drivers. Appreciate any help guys! Thanks! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMm42MFYWfI