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  1. Tim1966

    Preset List?

    Thanks Guys. Silly mistake of mine thinking that the factory presets would stay the same. I was after a written list and realised that change is dynamic pretty. I actually liked the way it had basic sets ups for all the amps when I turned on for the first time. They seemed more dynamic and better to tweak and store. The initial presets were pretty weak to my ears and I understand a later update sorted this. Overall though what an amazing piece of kit. I've been a Line 6 user for years and this is up there with the original Pod, original Vetta head and XT Pro. Shame I can't user my other font controllers... :angry:
  2. Tim1966

    Preset List?

    Greetings folk, is there a list of the factory installed presets that come with the Helix (Rack) that you can point me too please? I've had a look but can't find anything. My previous Line6 purchases did. Many thanks in advance. Tim
  3. I am using my original foot controller that came with the Vetta head. (The original Mk1 !!!) It works fine for a short while then freezes on the controller display although the switches still work so I can patch up and down and turn the effects on and off, I just have no idea without looking at my iPad what preset I am on. Is this a glitch for the App or with the foot controller? I was advised when I bought the Amplfi that it would work thanks to the legacy support. Loving the sounds and looking at recording with it soon.
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