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  1. Are you sure? I'm absolutely sure that there is a filter with a resonance parameter where you can also control the frequency manually. My friend does it, so I'll have to check it out when I see him. 1) Check also the other filters, don't be stuck with the "autofilter" 2) Are you sure you didn't skip the "Q" parameter? For those who don't know "Q" means "resonance"...
  2. Hello Beamboom, In the Filters section, just find one that allows you to modify the "sensitivity" parameter (= envelope ) and set it to 0. Then, control the cut frequency with an exp. pedal or MIDI. (And also , set the the filter mode to "low pass) -> I believe the Autofilter will do the trick.
  3. Hello, A long shot but... Is there any way to connect a computer to a Helix / HX Stomp for the Editor , while it is already connected to an iPad with USB? Like, comunicating with midi sysex or something? Thanks!
  4. In reality, the Left Input is my intrument, while the Right input is my bandmate signal. That way, after mixing both tracks in my computer, I can hear everything in my IEM, including a click track from my DAW. I was wondering, is there an effect block that would take a left hard panned signal and convert it to a simple mono signal?
  5. Hello, I use my HX stomp as a USB interface connected to a computer for further audio processing. My instrument is plugged in the Left input port, and the signal is processed by some effect blocs, then sent to the external FX loop via the stereo Send port, and caught back through both Return ports Left&Right. So my computer receives the whole affected signal through the "USB inputs1&2" as stated in the HX Stomp manual. What I want to do is recording independently a second intrument in my computer, that would be plugged into the Input Right port. According to the manual, it should correspond to "USB input 6" However, I don't want it to be affected by any effect nor being heard through the main out. So, how can I do it? How to mute the Right input / taking only the Left input channel as a mono signal while having something plugged in the Right port? (I don't want my instrument to be hard panned left, just because the HX stomp sees something in its Right input port) Thanks for your help!
  6. Hello, Is this also possible with the HX Stomp? (despite having less connectivity...) Thanks!
  7. Hello @Digital_Igloo, I figured I'm not the only one in the web with the same question but I couldn't find the answer. So here I go: When using the HX stomp as a USB interface, is it possible to monitor something ELSE than the "main out" in the headphones? (Explaination: I want to hear the click/metronome in my headphones, while sending the audio without metronome to the main outs) Thank you!
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