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  1. I've had an issue similar to this ever since I got my DT50 212, except, on mine this only happens after I have been playing it for a while. When I turn it off and try to turn it back on the only light regarding topology, class, and pentode/triode that comes on is the class indicator and it goes straight to A/B. I hear the noise floor, but none of the controls are functional and there is no guitar signal. I have been meaning to ask Line6 about this, but I haven't yet. Definitely need to because my warranty is coming to an end, but other than this issue, it has been working fine ever since it had the transformer replaced a few months after I got it!
  2. With the particular situation you just mentioned here.. The signal is still being ran through both of the amp blocks so the tone is being colored by the one that doesn't have a preamp selected. A neutral clean/dry signal is being added to whatever sound you are getting from the other amp.
  3. They told me that mine wasn't one of the affected amps either, but that's what the technician ended up replacing. So who knows??
  4. I had the same issue. Bought mine on 5/31/15 and it went out on August 13th.. I tried new fuses with no luck so I found the nearest service tech(2hrs) and they replaced the power transformer.
  5. When I first called line6 I asked the guy if he could check to see if mine was within that range, and he said it wasn't. But it was the power transformer they replaced, so who knows?
  6. Thanks for the response! Regarding #3... It probably is the noise floor that I hear, and that is present when the amp is functional, but I was just wondering if anyone had the issue of the amp turning on but not being responsive to any of the switches, and having no guitar signal.
  7. Hey guys! I have owned the POD HD500(upgraded to the 500x a year ago) since it was released in 2010. It's been great for what I have been doing over the past few years and still is an awesome piece of gear to have available. I had come from a tube amp before hand I finally started missing that amp in the room feeling so bought my DT50 212 back in May from Musicians Friend when they went on sale for $899. I have been browsing this forum ever since, all the while getting to know the amp. When I first got the amp I wanted to take some time and try to get things set up and sounding the best I could going by some of the things I had read from this forum, especially the many different ideas/complaints/mysteries of tone from using the POD through L6 link and using the DT50 stand alone. If I haven't lost you from boredom of this post yet, stay with me!! I have some questions from my experience so far! 1. I did notice that there was a noticeable difference in quality between HD500 + L6 link vs DT50 by itself. After reading through years of discussion I found what I think works best for me.. So far. It could change tomorrow. I just knew right off the bat that it truly seemed to be an issue of input/output settings within the HD500, because we can clearly see what particular amps/mics/cabs are being used through the DT edit software. The method that I have been using is... Muting all the signal paths except A, setting input 2 to Aux(both of these were found within previous discussions). This seems to get the closest match to plugging straight into DT50. 2. I had seen several posts about the transformer issue, and could only wonder if I would be joining the club. Well... Just a few months after I got the amp. I had it warming up left the room for a a minute or two and the amp was dead... Ended up taking the amp to an authorized service tech in Dallas. I just got it back last Thursday, took just under a month, which wasn't too bad. But yes it was the power transformer. I wasn't too upset just because I was kind of expecting it from reading the posts on here, and I like the amp so much I was just ready to get it back. I just hope it doesn't happen again! 3. From the beginning of having the amp there was a little malfunction that would happen sporadically when turning the amp on. When I would try to power the amp on(with standby still on) instead, of running through its few second cycle and recalling the topology, class and pentode/triode settings it would just go straight to class A/B and switch to channel B. The topology or pentode/triode light wouldn't come on. When switched to "On" the amp would not function. There would just be kind of a white noise static sound, and none of the controls would work. This happened sporadically and would be resolved by just waiting for a little bit and trying again. Sometimes it would take several minutes to start functioning. Has anyone had this experience, or have any idea what it would be because it happened again even after getting it back with the new power transformer. 4. I have tried something new with the mixer settings. I turned the volume way down to the signal path that I am using, which allows me to crank master and channel volume on the DT50 without being too loud, using the POD master to control level... I haven't been able to play with it very much but I think I'm liking what I hear from it!!! Has anyone used this method? Do you think it could cause any problems running it like this? What led me to try this was because all of the years that I used the HD500 the DR.Z amp model was my all time favorite, and I was supper excited to hear it through the DT, but I couldn't get anywhere near the sound I was getting through the fully modeled version in the HD500. This has helped get closer with the PHD Motorway, but still doesn't have what I was used to with the fully modeled one. Anyone feel the same with that amp??
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