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  1. Sorry to resurrect a yr old thread, but I've been trying to find a solution to my tone problem for live use. And this thread came up in my searches. I've found the mic sims absolutely stay on even when switching to "power amp" output mode. You can scroll through the different mic models while playing live (cabs turned off) and hear the sound change. I hate this, as with my old X3 Live the mic and cab sims would automatically turn off when in power amp mode. I can not get to a totally satisfying tone when playing out through my ART SLA-1 and into my guitar cabs. There is a whoofiness I can't seem to get rid of no matter how much eq I apply. And why I went to an FRFR setup. Ultimately it's going to drive my off this product entirely, and on to another manufaturer's product. I'm on the wait list now!!!! Bad design flaw Line 6.
  2. To put this thread back on the boring intended path, I have a few basic questions about the helix I didn't notice were answered yet. Apologies if I missed them somehow. 1. Does the expression pedal have an on/off switch? (i.e. To turn a wha effect on and off) 2. Are external expression pedals with on/off switches supported, to provide a similar function to question 1? 3. Is there a function to defeat the cab/mic simulators to run my live power amp stereo guitar cabs setup? 4. Does this unit have enough resource headroom to run a reasonable dual amp patch? ( a gate, an overdrive, eq, modulator and a reverb. I don't need twelve of anything to prove how bad lollipop it is ) I dumped a hd500 and went back to my x3 live due to this last issue. I'm hopeful I can upgrade to something with more updated amp models that will work for me without going 2k plus in the hole. I'm only a hobbyist musician, albeit a serious one. And if I get the attention of DI or other L6 staff, can I ask why you got away from modeling the Engl Powerball? It sounds a whole mess better than the FB in my humble opinion.
  3. I wish they would model the Engl powerball instead of the fireball. It is a much superior amp tone wise.
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