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  1. That's exactly my problem, just close the program and it fixed. But i don't know what is the true tone for recording... That's why i don't know should i open Podhd500x edit while recording.
  2. As title, Its hard to describe it but i must admit that my guitar tone sound different when i open podhd500x edit. I want to record a jam track but i don't know should i open pod hd500x edit?
  3. Thanks for reply, but i only have Podhd500x as audio interface.
  4. Hello, i have a problem with dry signal recording with podhd500. I use podhd500 as audio interface, i record my dry guitar tone by disable all processes in podhd500 and by switch to tunner mode. After hear 2 sound demo, i find that dry tone by "tunner mode" sound more cleaner than by "disable all processes". I wonder which is really dry signal... Or anyone can show me a good way to record dry signal with podhd500 as audio interface?
  5. Maybe i'm wrong but my guitar tone sound more muddy with sm57 off mic sim while 409 dynamic sound more mid range ( no cab )
  6. Thanks you for reply, i connect pod hd500x to my amp's return with combo power amp output modes. But i still hear mic sim affect my guitar tone... It's not sound good through amp like my pod x3 live
  7. I don't know how to turn off mic sim on my pod hd500x, i belive my pod x3 live auto disable mic sim if i choose no cab model. On my pod hd500x, i turn off cab but i still hear mic sim affect my tone and it's sound like crap...
  8. I try to connect my pod x3 live to my combo amp, fernandes FA-15B. I don't know the right way to do it. This is what i did: Guitar -> Pod x3 live - live out Out put -> Effect loop Fernandes FA-15B... In Output system, i turn off cab and mic sim. Output mode is Combo PowerAmp. So should i plug pod x3 live output to Amp input or effect loop? What output mode is right? PS: Sr for my bad english
  9. Some of My Pod x3 live's knobs are increase and decrease automatically. Anyone know how to fix it? And my pod is 2nd so i don't know is it possible to send this to line6... Sr if my english was bad...
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