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  1. Definitely not just you. I bit the bullet and took the advice of someone from this thread who advised about a Yamaha Bluetooth MIDI Adapter. It’s pretty hard to find the USB version now but I did find an alternative which works absolutely fine (DOREMiDi UTB-21 USB MIDI to Wireless Bluetooth MIDI Adapter ) the only thing that confused me to start with is that you don’t pair it with your iPad like a normal Bluetooth device, you install an app called midimittr which connects the adapter and links it with whatever software you’re running. Footboard now completely untethered from my iPad and I love it.
  2. Thank you that is extremely helpful. I’ll look into it
  3. Hi, Anyone noticed that the FBV MKII Shortboard has just stopped working ever since ios14. I was using mine on an iPad Pro 2020 through a USB C unpowered hub. I was also plugging in an Apogee Jam+ USB interface to the hub. All worked like a charm until ios14. I raised a case with PositiveGrid as I thought they needed to update their code (and they're still looking into it) however I've just noticed that actually even without any audio software in play, as soon as I plug in my Shortboard, the audio interface stops working. The shortboard powers up however the iPad doesn't seem to receive any output from it. Just wondering if it's working for anyone else on IOS14.
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