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  1. Hi Sound Dog, You have got that right, there was a lot of criticism of James's mash-up , mangling of SSB at the time. This is more his bag.
  2. http://openbazaar.com/store/QmPBhLq5kYechVvavbKJpW1Yo9eKHzeUJHmcaLP8ta4pdf/line-6-900-artists-edition Open Bazzar Listing for this guitar, bitcoin or Ethereum bitcoin gold any crytpo which is on one of the larger exchanges is fine.
  3. On Bazaar Bay again Variax 900 Demo ( Very Rare Variax Acoustic Artists model.) https://youtu.be/BGspkNoP_fg https://bazaarbay.org/QmPBhLq5kYechVvavbKJpW1Yo9eKHzeUJHmcaLP8ta4pdf/store/line-6-900-artists-edition … … Web 3 distributed Sales Variax 900 Acoustic #Ether #Bitcoin #BlockchainCommerceuse that crypto Art and other musical gear listings to follow
  4. Bitcoin has gone up alot in the last month it was around 300 dollars to 1 bitcoin when that listing was made. That said I do think that the line 6 900's are worth way more than a couple of thousand us. These things are pretty rare you can in my opinion expect top dollar, what that is and will become is anyones guess.
  5. http://bazaarbay.org/c8a2fdb4f489616a29d9add8b13f05ff1202892c/listing/804c0536dd0e037cd6831d61aed21c4b7dcd90f410.25 bitcoin for this one.
  6. I have been re learning this, I had a busking approximation that stands up as a fun thing to play but isn't at all approximate to either the Davey Graham or Bert Jansch versions. Plenty of practice to go to get it up to a reasonable standard but I think I get it now so that´s all just time and application ahead. Very good lesson on this here courtesy of Will Fly. . I used Wills tab too. Another line in the sand for the Progress log, keepin on keepin on. Played on my Variax 900 (Artists Model, less than 50 made) Dreadnaught setting based on a 1961 Martin D21 Made this video when I first got this guitar
  7. These 3 videos show how I made my Telecaster into a VAriax 300 and also mmade a Rackvax for my other 13 pin guitars It was fun to do and I really am pleased to have these tools in the tool box now.
  8. Gibson ES335 Model on my Teliax. Stormy Monday Gary moore/Allman Bros tribute. Thats a very sweet purple godess in the OP.
  9. The Fire Bird x is over priced but essentially a good guitar I played one and made a video at the Copenhagen Guitar Show two years ago. Gibson make a lot of Over Hyped marketing claims for it ( Pure Analog tone) what does that mean it uses COnvolution in tis processor as any guitar using this sort of technology does. Julius O Smith was at the forefront of developing FFT algorithms , I think he is an honory member of the line 6 Board, I have developed my own impulse responses and Impulse resonse Pedal ( Tonefreqz) the zoom A3 and Fishman Aura all make use of the same technology the Plugin Bodilizer also uses it and can be used as a plug in on Computers as can the Tone Freqz and Acme Bargig TRIBE plugin. http://tonefreqhz.bandcamp.com/ The Variax acoustics are great and a modern version with modern processors would be better, mostr people do not know how they work and that also applies to the Firebird x, its easier to just dismiss them than find out I guess.
  10. I am also suprised, the guitar was ahead of its time by a decade or more, works beautifully , Guitarists are still struggling with the DIgital age and have not embraced Rolands VG99 for instance. I have a VG88 and its precursor the VG8 was 30 years ahead of its time. There is much more Digital music gear these days with the i Pad generation and maybe Yamaha will allow Line 6 sufficient funding to get back into this market. The Guitar MArket is very overcrowded and dominated by Gibson and Febder. Of course Gibson have the Firebird x but one does not expect Gibson to do any favours to other brands and they have gone off half cocked with previous digital offerings like the Dark Fire and early Robot guitars. Perhaps Line 6 could do a join acoustic with one of the boutique makers or maybe Yamaha themselves I am still looking for a late 80's LL2, fine guitars Yamaha make. Then there are the Basses another marvel !
  11. http://www.johnsguitars.co.uk/guitar_details.asp?guitarID=58 ´´Rare - even Line 6 don't list it on their site. Saw a preview in Guitar mag and hassled Line 6 for one. Meant for artists only - lets me out I guess - but Simon at Line 6 came through for me and I got it. Same sounds as the 700, but way better construction and feel´ Rusty Cooper2 years agoin reply to PaisleyPatchouli ''Nope thats the Variax 900. Same electronics as the 700. Only 24 were made and they are magnificent instruments, so well made. Line 6 felt that the market wasn't ready for such an expensive model.´ Line 6 Variax 900 Acoustic Super, UBER! RARE Artist only! Made in Japan! http://rvrb.io/variax-f83 ''I got the guitar from someone in LA who was in a cover band and used it. There is a fable behind the guitar, which I never thought to be true but the pieces almost add up. It was said to be one of James Taylor's guitars made for him. BUT again this is not documented nor am I claiming this to be true!!! It only comes word of mouth from the previous owners.'' There is between a 1 in 50 and one in 25 chance of this being the Variax 900 previously owned and played by James Taylor, whether it is or not the story inspired me to learn the Classic Fire and Rain from 1970, Great Song and a great guitar. This guitar is truly awesome I had been looking for a 700 for a while and couldn't believe it when this cropped up on E Bay, its a peach just superb!
  12. Backing track from Here. E Minor - Heavy Rock / 80s Metal Guitar Backing Track Metal Guitar Stuff http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9kQUk... Model Les Paul 1958 Standard Neck Pick Up AMP Model Amplitube 3 BRITISH LEAD 2 Cabs All setting the same to A B Pickup difference only volume changed to adjust for output differences between Pickup levels. CategoryMusic License Standard YouTube License
  13. Hi Clayman, I have been doing some work on the shielding in the Teliax so I can use the mags at the same time as the Variax. A 4 voice demo. Teliax, Rackvax, Telecaster Mags and VG88 Cosm Model soon! I am delighted with both the Teliax and Rackvax it is also nice to be able to drive a Synth with the GK thru on the Rackvax in conjunction with the Variax modelling. Endless tonal pallette very compelling. Glad you liked the video heres a bit of 12 Bar. edited Short P90 Rackvax Teliax 12 Bar Jam
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