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  1. Yes, it is a 900. The one you are referring to which is listed on guitar museum is actually just a website of past guitar sales. It’s not an actual museum. If you’d be interested in ever selling this guitar I am interested in purchasing it. I have been looking for a sunburst finish for a couple of years now. I have a couple of natural finish 900’s and one was allegedly potentially once owned by James Taylor, I’m not sure how close to the truth that is, however I haven’t been able to get a response from Jane his management. Anyway, thanks for posting your guitar. What part of the country did you find it in?
  2. I've read that Sarah McLachlan is amoung those artist as well. She's apparently recorded in studio as well as played and recorded live venues with backing & studio musicians, who've played Variax 700's etc.
  3. Thank you very much! I appreciate you taking the time to share the info. Cheers!
  4. Also, since you've probably worked on the 900's, I thought I'd ask. Have you ever seen on in Sunburst finish in person? Or anywhere other than the 1 that can be found on Guitar Museum website? Thank you so much for all the info!
  5. Yes, I understand they are exactly the same, with exceptions: nicer detail, woods, made in Japan instead of Korea. Abalone inlay around the body, sound hole, fretboards have diamond shaped inlay & large "V" at the 12th fret. I'm just baffled at the snickering exactly as the 700. Is it actually considered a 700 by Line 6? Just a promotional version given to artists and those within the industry? Thank you again.
  6. Thank you. . So why would the 900 I have be stickered with a "700" label? Is it considered a 700 by Line 6? Because it's what we all know to be a 900, however the label says 700. It's definitely a 900 model, were 700 production stickers used on the 900? Thank you again.
  7. Which Workbench version can be used w/Variax Acoustic 700? Where can it be located? Thank you. Cheers!
  8. Variax Acoustic 900

  9. Anyone reading this with a greater understanding of the illusive Variax 900, I'd truly appreciate your knowledge shared here. I now have 2 of these in my collection, both were made in Japan. One was supposed to have potentially been owned by James Taylor himself at one point in time. The other I purchased from a Line 6 subcontracted employee who was given the unit as a gift for his service. The one I purchased from the subcontracted employee was never really used by him personally. He had stored it from day one, this particular unit still has stickers on it from when it was manufactured. Here is why it's a bit confusing... the stickers are showing this natural Variax Acoustic with inlay surrounding the body & sound hole, as well as inlayed diamond fretboard with "V" inlayed at the 12th fret, as a "700"! We've known this rare model as the "900", however there's nothing that really engraved this knowledge in stone. Now I have a stickered one "brand new", and its labeling it as a 700. So, which is it? Thanks in advance, the saga continues. Building a mystery. 😊
  10. Looking for a Sunburst Variax Acoustic 900... does it exist? I see 1 in a historic guitar museum blog. That's it. One?
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