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  1. It does sound better going straight into the amp. I will adjust the effects levels on the patches i made and remove the loop from the chain. After that, I should be good. thanks
  2. Thanks, I hooked it up this way and have it working. I set it up to turn off the HX effect loop when I turn on a distortion block. I can't seem to tame the harshness when the loop and distortion are on at the same time.
  3. I was trying to run the HX effects as follows: Guitar to input, output to the amp, fx loop 1 send to amp effect loop return and fx loop 1 return to the amps effects loop send. I then set my chain up in the following order. Distortion> FX loop 1 > chorus > delay. The distortion works, but I cannot hear any of the effects after the loop. Is this type of setup possible?
  4. I have my setup in the traditional 4cm ...HX Fx send to tubemeister guitar in.....HX FX return to amps FX send....HX FX send to amps FX return and guitar into the mono input. The loop in my amp is on , the amp is on the clean channel and the HX effect chain the blocks are in the following order: compressor, distortion, FX loop, chorus, delay and noise gate. If the HX effect loop is off the distortion (from the HX effect) sounds fine. As soon as the loop is active the sound gets thin and harsh. The effect loop on my amp remains on at all times, and as expected if i shut the HX effect loop block off, i can only get the power section of the amp, not the preamp distortion
  5. I checked the settings and the effect loop block was at 100%. The distortion still sounds like a am radio when the loop in on. When I turn it off they sound great. Has anyone else experienced this problem or have a remedy for it? Thanks
  6. I recently purchased a FX effect unit and really like everything it can do. I'm running 4cm into a Hughes and Kettner tubemeister 36 head. As I'm building a scene, i get the distortion from the HX effect dialed in. As I add to the signal chain and place the effects loop (after the distortion) the sound becomes thin, almost like a am radio. If I turn the loop off i get the original sound. Am I missing something on the set up? I have a comp, Distortion, fx loop, chorus, delay, and noise gate. Other than using snapshots to turn the loop on only when I want the amps distortion, am i missing something in the set up?
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