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  1. I just updated my Edit to 3.00, but I still don't see the Helix 3.00 update. I don't see the 3.00 update for Windows on the update site as well.
  2. Has anyone replaced the stock speaker with the Celestion F12-x200? Curious if can be done and if it has been done, how it sounds compared to the stock?
  3. Thanks! Looks like the Seymour Duncan bridge might be rated at 16.09k. I'm not great with electronics when it comes to resistors. Can I still get this pickup and just have it professionally installed? Thanks!
  4. I want to change either the bridge or the neck pup of the Variax Standard to a mini humbucker (Seymour SJBJ1 JB Jr. Strat Humbucker Pickup). It has a 4 conductor wiring though. Has anyone done this and if so, how would I go about doing this? I've seen discussions on switching out pups, but they were on the JTV, which I'm sure is the same, but no one mentioned a 4 conductor wire. The other two pups, I'm going to just replace with better single coil pups as the Variax Standard pups aren't very good.
  5. besull926 - mine is plenty loud, after i upped the levels on the output of the amp blocks, eq block and the output, then, of course the main volume. i usually can't turn my helix main volume past 9 o'clock. my powercab is around 10 o'clock. when i turn my helix past 9 or 10, it's extremely loud.
  6. I turned mine up to around 11:30/12 and with output for each path on the Helix around +5 at most, it is pretty loud. What I found that helps is duplicating one path to the other. Also, on some, I've added and EQ or boost to the path and upped the level on it. With all that, the Powercab still doesn't hit the yellow.
  7. tayamaj

    Powercab Edit

    Sorry, StingsOnFire. I was able to do it, thanks to your help!
  8. I noticed that too and found that I had to increase the levels of the paths on the Helix and also, sometimes, the levels of the amps too. You might want to look at the block volume levels too. I found that when I turn the paths up to around 2 to 5 and the main volume knob of the Helix to around 11 and the Powercab to around 11 as well, it's gets pretty loud without clipping. Also, on the Powercab, you might need to turn of the level for each speaker model. Some speakers are quieter or louder than others, that I have noticed,
  9. I didn't have that problem. What i did notice though, was when I thought I had a good balanced tone at home, when I took it to practice, it was really bright. Also, setting speaker volumes to be pretty much the same volume was a pain. I first did direct outs from it to my DAW and got all the levels pretty even on a clean Helix channel with no blocks except for the volume pedal. Leveled all my presets on the Helix too. When I took it to practice, some speakers seemed louder, so I then mic'd the Powercab and evened out the speaker volumes. Hopefully this will work.
  10. tayamaj

    Powercab Edit

    Anyone know how to use this app? There are no manuals and the powercab manual says you can drag and drop IRs. It won't let you drag and drop anything, so I imported IRs into the Impulse tab, but how do I load into a preset? Tried copying from Impulse tab, then paste into Preset tab, but I don't know if the sound loaded correctly. The amp shows the name, but I can't tell much different in the different IRs I copy/pasted into the Preset tab. Disappointed that there's not a better explanation on how to use the app.
  11. Thanks! I always forget about Snapshots. That's a great idea!
  12. Thanks! Anything I need to do after step 5? Also, this works for saving one speaker to a Helix preset patch, but is there a way to scroll (bank) through to different speakers if I don’t like the sound of it in a certain room or venue?
  13. To answer the question about what I was using before. I was using a QSC. Sounded good, but some amp models sound processed. Through the Powercab, they actually sound like an amp
  14. Got another question for those of you with the Helix and the Powercab Plus. I've connected a midi cable from the Helix to the Powercab, but for the life of me, can't figure out how to assign a switch/switches to bank up and down to select the different speakers on the Powercab. Any ideas? I went to the Command Center on the Helix, but now stumped on which "Command" to select. On Helix, I figured "Command" > Bank/Prog, "MIDI Ch" > 1, and figured "CC00" should be set to 22. Not what "CC032" and "Program" should be set to? I'm sure I have everything wrong, so any help would be appreciated. I want to use two switches to use as the bank up and down for the Powercab. Is any of this possible? I've attached a pic of where I'm talking about. Thanks!
  15. Thanks! Hopefully there will be a firmware release soon then. I know this is a brand new product, so there's always bound to be some issues. I'm going to mess around with the midi tonight then. I'm not really very familiar with midi though. want to have a patch on the Helix and and have a speaker selection on the powercab and whenever i go back to that patch, i'd want that cab to be selected automatically. that's possible, right? Forgive my stupid questions :-)
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