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  1. I just got a new Variax Standard - Limited Onyx. In HD Edit, there is no setting for Variax Standard for assigning Variax control from my HD500X. I’m assuming I use the Tyler Variax option but I was getting some weird dual tone sounds. Why wouldn’t Line 6 list options for Variax Standard and/or Shuriken?
  2. I'm using a Pod HD500X with a brand new Variax Standard (limited onyx). When I go into the HD Edit software, there is no option for Variax Standard. Just the old legacy Variax models, the Tyler Variax, and the Bass Variax. Should I use the Tyler Variax? If so, it would be great if you would list that option as Tyler/Standard/Limited or something like that.
  3. Seems like Line6 is sitting on their laurels with the Spider Valve series. I like my 212 Mk ii but with other brands like H&K's new Grandmeister 36 for instance really pushing the envelope, I wonder if Line6 will try to keep pace or move on to something else. The Bogner name is extremely valuable but I wonder if they're working on something completely new or if we'll get future updates and effort put into the current lineup of SV amps? Seems Line6 likes to develop a whole new line of amps and discontinue old amps rather than to continue improving existing series. Any thoughts?
  4. The Avatar 212 (Vintage model with dual V30s) is great! It has WAY more bass than I thought it would...actually too much. I've had to dial the bass back on my tones when playing by itself. It really fills out the tone nicely though with the 212 Spider Valve on top. The combination of the open back 212 Spider Valve Mkii and the closed back Avatar 212 on the floor is really thick and crisp. Great combination. I was able to order it to match the Line 6 pretty closely. Black tolex, black grill, and silver piping.
  5. Thanks. I've thought about that but glad to hear from somebody who's actually done it.
  6. Just ordered a Vintage 212 with V30s from Dave at Avatar. I also have a Randall RM100S head so needed something 30" wide.
  7. I retubed mine with JJ Tubes from Eurotubes and it sounded much better. Less harsh and more responsive/thumpier. I couldn't be happier. Mine were practically brand new too. I've just gotten into the habit of switching all my tubes over to the JJ Tubes right away. I also biased the tubes as they were biased a little cold from the factory.
  8. Has anybody found a 2x12 extension cabinet that really fits the Mkii 212 well? I bought a Carvin 212 with their GT12 speakers in it and it sounds good, but it's just a bit narrower than the Mkii so it doesn't fit very well under the amp. The rubber feet tend to fall off to one side or the other. I looked at Avatar and they're wider, but it would be AWESOME if Line6 made one that was the same width AND had the recesses in the top for the casters so you wouldn't have to remove them to put them on top of an extension cabinet. Thanks.
  9. I have a Mkii 212 which I love, but like many, I have issues if the models have the channel volume below 50% or so. Some people experience a dropout of volume...I experience a "POP". However, if I have the channel volume at 50%, the overall volume is SO LOUD...unless I'm playing in a big room, it's unbearable. Has anybody found a way to work around this by possibly adjusting the master volume potentiometer, software, or tubes to bring the overall volume down just a bit so we can run the required 50% channel volume to eliminate the pop or dropout? Thanks.
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