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  1. luedmo

    basic HELIX tools - ideas etc.

    oops! newbie has moved over to the ideascale where plenty of people have already made the case (better and more usefully than me) thanks everyone :lu
  2. luedmo

    basic HELIX tools - ideas etc.

    Hello Everyone New to Helix, so far so good with the sounds slowly exploring Meanwhile, here are some small observations/comments about some basic tools to make Helix more useable. If it's been covered in another thread, apologies. 1. level VU/meter ================== There is no way to get a visual check would to “see†if any signal is getting through at different points (e.g. maybe the lead is not working? maybe there is a patch setting in a FX which has a level switched to 0 etc.]. In live situations you need to check levels *before* you make a noise, not during the singer’s introduction/pastor’s sermon etc.. We cannot do stuff on the fly unless we mute our amps and put on headphones. Impractical. We cannot "see" the amount of compression attentuation etc.. we have chosen idea: level meters at different stages of the chain 2. tuner ================== My Petersen strobo-tuner is *very* accurate, especially so for difficult and double stringed instruments which need high-level resolution. The Helix easily has the DSP resources to achieve this degree of accuracy but the current tuner is pretty basic and I never can be sure it is reading back true. idea: why not implement at least ±0.1c and also give some better visual feedback? 3. Mono button ================== We cannot check for phase issues and test the “stereo†imaging idea: a MONO button on the output stage 4. Metronome ================== I am playing free-time, it'd be nice to TAP the tempo and get a click idea: a metronome so we can play along Thanks All :lu
  3. luedmo

    Newbie FX loop query

    hey! Thanks GearHead Yes, you're right about all those potential issues - but I tried the above with the exact same leads and it's the onset of each note, rather than any tails or delays that is clearly latent in "feel". In other words, in testing the loop I left the dry Helix signal at 0 and just listened back to the Mix from the FX loop. Noticeable latency, more than i am used to (4 x H9s generate a fair bit, believe me) So I will edit my Eventide presets- where possible - to getting a 100% wet signal from the FX loops which will minimise any latency issue with reverb/delay and go on from there. It'll be there, but a lot less noticeable. Either way, the helix sounds good and has great MIDI control Anyone ever measured the FX loop latency? It'd be interesting to know if this is a "tweakable" from the Helix team
  4. luedmo

    Newbie FX loop query

    hello everyone, new to Helix - all good so far, great UI and lots of potential FX Loops I haven't seen many comments, but on my first impressions I am getting a noticeable latency going out to FXLoops. Understandable, as there there is a double conversion (D>A A>D) going out of the Helix > into pedals > back into the Helix. As a matter of interest - does anyone know the exact latency? The good old DL4 used to add 1mS. This feels like quite a bit more. I also feel this lag when I go through an analogue pedal, though of course it is a bit less. fwiw, I am used to up to 4 H9s and have never felt this degree of lag. Obviously I can see it is going to be better if I change all my patches in the external pedal (Eventide H9) to being 100% wet if I want to use the FXloop 1/2 option. I can do that but... ...anyone have any ideas or can point me to a good thread, I'd be grateful! Thanks,