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  1. Most of my patches are saved with the basic amp and reverb settings switched on, but with overdrive, a modulation effect and delay set up but switched off. So when I'm playing I'll switch those on as needed. The next time I use the patch, I want it to be in its saved state, with the overdrive, modulation and delay effects switched off. However the HD300 keeps them switched in, even if I select another patch and go back to the original one, it still has the variations switched on. Is there any way using the footswitches to recall a patch with its settings as they were saved?
  2. Thanks very much. I'm looking at the electric rig and acoustic rig I currently take to gigs, and imagining replacing it all with a Variax and Helix. Fantastic.
  3. On the first model of Variax, I think there was a foot pedal that allowed you to switch between your guitar amp and whatever was going to be amplifying your acoustic sounds. In a Variax+Helix set-up with the Helix outputs being sent to a PA rather than a guitar amp, is it feasible/desirable to have your Variax acoustic sounds being handled by the Helix, possibly with reverbs, delays, choruses etc. added? I guess to simplify the question, what would an acoustic/electric sound like played through a Helix?
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