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  1. Dyyk

    MIDI playback device

    In cubase i have my in/out set to my RME ASIO driver. If I have my helix turned off everything works as is should but if I turn it on it "hijacks" the output from miditracks that are set to wavetable (not tracks that are set to samlers/instruments). So if i turn the volume knob down om my helix it also lowers the volume of those midi tracks. I have checked the midi I/O in my cubase device setup and everything is set to RME. The feedback like a doubled slightly delayed playback and a significant volume boost which feeds in to my soundcards analog input.
  2. Dyyk

    MIDI playback device

    I have my Helix rack hooked up to my computer via USB so I can use HX edit, but also via the analog outputs into my soundcard for recording in Cubase. When I play a song Cubase uses the Helix as playback device for my midi-tracks, and since I have the analog outputs going into cubase it creates a feedback loop. Is there any way to turn off all midi-functions in the Helix?
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