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  1. My Line6 DL4 unit quit in the middle of a show. It has worked perfectly for years, but all of the sudden, no sound coming thru and the far right LED in from the tap tempo switch stays illuminated...... Non of the other foot switches will work........ I did a "factory reset" (A & D Switches press during power up)......now it does one of two things.....the A & B LEDs both light up, then it switches to the C & D LEDs light.....goes back and forth........OR all 4 LEDs come on one at a time going left to right......still no sound thru the unit... Checked the batteries....still showing plenty of charge.....(I have powered the unit with my Voodoo power box, using the proper Line6 socket) Anyone else have this issue and were you able to resolve it?? Thanks in advance -Terry
  2. System: Pod X3 Live Amp used: Vox AC-16 connected using a cable that's XLR female/TRS 1/4" Has anyone had this issue: 1. An annoying buzz which seems to come and go when I touch the volume/wah pedal? 2. A squeaking sound when you move the volume/wah pedal? I bought this unit in 2009 and this has happened increasingly over the past few months. I cleaned the outside of the unit and sprayed all the connections with contact cleaner.
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