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    Hello, I read on another thread about how in the POTS test your are supposed to read as follows; CW are "127" and CCW are "000". All of the knobs do show these values except for the volume, it shows "255" CW. Is there something wrong here?
  2. Okay I feel like an idiot, I had it on "Factory" this whole time. I found this out when I was going to reload everything again and saw all my presets setting in Line6 edit. Then I noticed the "User" button was not lit. Thanks for your help anyway, but the issue was an ID-10-T error...!
  3. Yeah I have also tired this, I have also opened it up and have pushed in all connections and did find one in the past, but not currently. Cold solders I'm not too sure about.
  4. lally said: "it's official........it was the power amp module which burnt out"
  5. Hello, I know this thread is kinda old but, when I did the "POTS" test, all pots went to 127 CW as you said except for the volume, that went to 255, is that a problem? CCW 000 CW 255
  6. Hi all, wondering if anyone else heard of this from the Vetta or any other amp for that matter even after changing the cmos battery. My Vetta II loses it's saved user preset settings. It was happening when I powered it off, but now it happened again while playing it. I have replaced the battery inside and it seemed to be finally working, this was about 3-4 months ago. Now, it just lost my settings while I was playing it. Not sure what's going on but that's weird. Everything else works like a charm except for it saving the presets I programmed into it. I already have them saved via midi dump on my pc and can just reload them, but that's just a bandaid, I want this thing to work correctly. Love the amp, hate this issue.
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