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  1. TBone55

    Using Dual Amps - POD HD500X

    Hi There, I'm trying to find some information that I downloaded quite a while back that I can't seem to find now. Is anyone familiar with the "POD HD For Dummies" document that was available? This is not Meambobbo's epic and detailed info on the POD HD but a very shortened version for older technically challenged folks. I don't know who created it but I'm trying to use dual amp configurations and am having trouble trying to use the two methods described for controlling each amp. One method assigns a footswitch as a toggle switch (same footswitch) that turns one amp on and the other off when toggled, the other method is a morphing technique using the expression pedal to go from one amp to the other. I can't seem to get either of these methods to work for me as I don't get any volume when I go from one amp to the other. Has anyone used these methods and if so, could you help me out? I thought I was setting everything up as described but I must be going wrong somewhere. Thanks.
  2. TBone55

    Anyone Using Amazing Slow Downer?

    I have Studio One but haven't really used it yet so I don't know if will do what ASD does. The folks at Roni Music that make ASD tell me they aren't experiencing any issues with it working in Windows 10 and I have the latest version. Funny thing is that when I use ASD on my laptop that has Windows 10 (I use a desktop computer for my POD HD pedalboard and HD Edit) it works fine on its own.
  3. TBone55

    Anyone Using Amazing Slow Downer?

    Amazing Slow Downer will do the same thing but it's not a DAW software for recording. I use it mostly to slow down songs that I'm trying to learn.
  4. TBone55

    Anyone Using Amazing Slow Downer?

    Is anyone out there using the Amazing Slow Downer software (slows music down without changing the pitch) along with HD EDIT software and running into issues with Amazing Slow Downer not responding in Windows 10? I had no problems when I was running Windows 7 but since I updated to Windows 10 Amazing Slow Downer just isn't working anymore. I've already contacted the folks that make it but they aren't having any issues with it running in Windows 10. I don't have issues with HD EDIT in Windows 10. Thanks.
  5. TBone55

    Meambobbo EQ Graphs

    Thanks Again pfsmith0, Your help is greatly appreciated. :D
  6. TBone55

    Meambobbo EQ Graphs

    Thanks pfsmith0, I'll look at the graphs again now that you've explained the measurements. Just to clarify then, the units in db that are to the right of the graph are really dbV input? Sincerely appreciate the great information you've provided, especially for someone like me who knows little about how EQ's work. I guess I'm from the simpler era where the tone knobs on the amp told you everything you needed to know (or at least you thought they did). Great Work!
  7. TBone55

    Meambobbo EQ Graphs

    Thanks. I forgot about that. You're right, pfSmith0 did provide those graphs. I've also seen the video by Matt explaining those pesky EQ effects that are in %. I've tried to talk to Line 6 about why they did this and if they would look at providing an update at least for the HD Edit software but I haven't had any luck. They just keep referring me to the forum. It's a shame because my POD HD500X is without a doubt the best unit out there for the money. Ciao Paisan!
  8. TBone55

    Meambobbo EQ Graphs

    As a newbie on to how to use EQ effects I am very grateful to Meambobbo for his terrific guide on how the POD HD EQ effects actually work and have a question regarding the values shown in the different EQ graphs. For example, looking at the Graphic EQ graph response graph for the 80hz frequency, With the gain set at 0db, the output level for this frequency is approximately -20db. My interpretation of this would be that at 0db of gain, the 80hz frequency is operating at a negative gain output of -20db. The signal is in otherwords, being attentuated by 20db. Looking at all the other graphs for this particular EQ as well as the other EQ effects, it looks to me like none of them actually have a positive output but rather, just a less negative output as the gain is increased. I guess I'm a little confused at just how the gain and the output actually relate to each since the output is always a negative number it seems, even at maximum gain values. Hope this isn't too dumb of a question. Thanks. P.S. A big thanks to all the others that have contributed to this EQ topic. I'm starting to find out what a big difference using some of EQ effects can make in helping me to dial in different tones.
  9. TBone55

    Dual Pre-Amps with DT50

    I've really started to like using the dual amp set up (full amp models) for getting a real full sound and was wondering whether or not you can use the pre versions in dual amp mode when linking to a DT series amp. I'm assuming the DT amps are not meant to work this way but I haven't seen anything that says other. Thanks.
  10. TBone55

    Frequency Response Graphs For Hd500 Eqs

    Yes, my hats off to the folks here, particularly meambobbo and pfsmith0 for their work with the EQ's. I'd buy you guys a beer anytime. While Line 6 may not have set up the EQ's optimally they could have at least tried to provide us with some better documentation and maybe a few instructional videos to help out. There's a lot of information here to digest but it has already helped me out a lot although I've got a lot to learn still. A BIG Thank You!
  11. TBone55

    Tone-building for beginners

    .........and hence, why there is no one 'correct' way for obtaining your tone. My first reaction is that you can get 'analysis paralysis' just because of the number of permutations/combinations the POD is capable of. I'm still overwhelmed but because of the great community on this forum and all the help that's available you can take it one step at a time. Knowledge is additive. You start out with a little, take time to digest and understand it, then add some more and repeat. After all, if you wanted to eat an elephant, you wouldn't expect to swallow it whole, would you?
  12. TBone55

    New MeAmBobbo Patches

    MeAmBobbo, I really can't express my deep appreciation for your guide and the monumental effort you've put into it. My extreme gratitude to you for sharing this valuable and enlightening information. I still have a long way to go to fully understanding it all but your guide has truly opened my eyes to the real potential that exists within the POD HD. I only wish that Line 6 could be as diligent as you've been and my hope is that they will listen carefully to the community, and, in the near future, provide some software updates that make some of the parameters ( particularly the EQ's) work in their appropriate language (db's, hz,) instead of percentages, so that using them won't be so confusing. Once again, thanks for all of your efforts. Best Regards. Tony
  13. TBone55

    Sound Differences - DT50 vs PODHD500X

    I believe that the Topologies are: Topo 1: Fender Twin Topo 2: Park 75 (British Crunch) Topo 3: Vox AC30 (English Chime) Topo 4: Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier (Hi Gain) Best to check the DT manual to know for sure.
  14. TBone55

    How To Use Distortion Effects

    Hi Everyone, I'm fairly new to guitar playing and was wondering how to best utilize the distortion effects on the POD. Should distortion be added to the amp when the gain level is already set very high on it or should distortion be used with the amp on a clean setting? I know there's probably no one right way but it would be great to get some advice. Thanks. :)
  15. TBone55

    DT editing

    Yes, the settings are saved in the POD. That's the real beauty of having a POD hooked up to the DT.