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  1. Hi There Everyone, Looking for some feedback from those that have had LCD issues. My screen looks like it has a big splash in it, like when you splash liquid on a surface. This area is a bright orange making the screen unreadable except for a very faint portion in the top left portion. It was fine the last time I used it and when I turned it on now this is how it looked. I imagine there really isn't much in the way of a fix or a hack to get the screen back to the way it was and if there is a fix it probably isn't worth fixing. I'm using GEARBOX to create patches and have a FBV Shortboard MKII. If any of you have had this issue let me know. Thanks.
  2. An update to the issue. I created the same patch in a different bank and the wah worked perfectly. Deleted the old patch and put the new one in its place. The wah worked as it should. Go figure.
  3. I have the parameters set for zero to 100 which I'm assuming are heel (fully open) and toe (fully closed) postions. On the effects page the sweep shows it going through the full range.
  4. I recalibrated the pedal but it made no difference. The volume pedal works as it should.
  5. Hi There, I just started having an issue with the Wah effect on my PODHD500X. I have the Wah assigned to EXP1 and it turns on when I push down on the pedal but the sound is very faint and there's very little difference in the frequencies from full open to fully closed. It was working fine until last night and tonight it started doing this. Anyone here run into this problem before? Thanks.
  6. Just tried to download Line 6 License Manager. Windows doesn't recognize the file (.dmg).
  7. I downloaded Line 6 Updater and it doesn't work at all. Each time I try to open it it says its stopped working. I noticed that Line 6 Monkey is still available as a download. Line 6 Updater seems to only be for certain LIne 6 hardware. The list doesn't include my PODXT or my HD500X.
  8. Hi and thanks for your reply. I have Windows 7 Professional, 64 bit. I've got the latest version of GearBox installed, 3.72.0. I didn't realize Line 6 Monkey doesn't install updates any more so thanks for the info. I'll try changing my USB cable. I'll post back if I find the problem. Cheers!
  9. Hi There, I have a PODXT that I resurrected to use with my computer and MKII floorboard but am unable to load the latest software update shown for it when I run Line 6 Monkey. I have a 4.0 version and the newest is 4.2. The new drivers are being downloaded but I can't get the installer program to work. I get directed to a link to Line 6 that's supposed to let me be able to install the drivers but then I get a message that there are no new updates available. I'm having issues with Gear Box communicating with my PODXT as well. When I try to save a new tone to it I get an "asynchronous time out" message. Anyone here run into this problem and know how to fix it? Thanks.
  10. Boy, I'm really losing it. Thanks for the reference. I must have glossed over it. There is one thing, when you set the Exp Pedal for volume or wah, the pedal must be in the correct position for that effect. Exp 2 must be turned on for volume and Exp1 must be turned on for Wah when you assign the expression pedal. Thanks.
  11. Ok. Do you assign each in the controllers section? A little bit of guidance here would be helpfull. Thanks.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by manually. Are you referring to using the POD to assign the Vol to Exp 2 and the Wah to Exp 1? My understanding is that each of them is automatically assigned when you choose volume and wah. Can you expand on this? Thanks.
  13. Hello there Silverhead, My apologies for not getting back to your response sooner. Some family things have kept me tied up. Thanks for replying to my post. You think we're finally getting some spring weather? It's about friggin time! Got back to my POD HD500X and can't seem to get the Vol & Wah to work properly, either through the edit software or right on the POD itself. When I turn the Wah off it stops working as a Wah but stays stuck in the closed position (acts like a parked wah). The volume pedal works but the sound is very trebly because the Wah is stuck in the closed position. My other patches where I have the Vol & Wah already set up are working fine. I must be doing something wrong but for the life of me I can't figure it out. Anyways, thanks for the help and keep looking for that sunshine, we may see it yet.
  14. Thanks silverhead. Didn't make sense to me that doing a firmware installation is a factory reset. When I think of factory reset I think of how my POD was when I bought it, with none of the firmware updates installed. I will definitely try re-installing the HD Edit program and the Line 6 driver first. By the way, I"m in Ontario Canada as well. Thanks for your help.
  15. I wanted to reset my POD HD500X back to the factory presets but it seems that the video that's available by LIne 6 Tony is not correct. This video shows you how to update the firmware using Line 6 Monkey, not how to reset the unit back to its factory settings. I've found some other videos on you tube but to be honest, I'm not sure I want to attempt this unless the procedure was created by Line 6. Is there anywhere on the site that actually shows how to do this or has written instructions by Line 6? I find this a bit disconcerting since I own a few Line 6 products. Doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling at all. Sometimes a factory reset is the only way to fix the POD when it starts to glitch. Thanks.
  16. I think I'm going to try a complete factory reset of my POD. I'm having issues with the volume and wah assignments. They should automatically be assigned to Exp-2 and Exp-1 respectively but it's not happening. The wah stays on Exp 2 and there's nothing on Exp-1.
  17. I tried the Alt/Crtl drag and drop and it worked. I did double click on the original patch to make sure it was the active preset and then double clicked on the new location to make it active ( a blank at that point). Well, at least one method worked.
  18. Double clicking in step 4 did not work. I noticed that the asterisk that normally shows up when you change anything in the patch indicating a save should be made never shows up. I disconnected the usb and was able to copy the patch from 1A to 1B no problem. Re-connected the usb to the board and started up the HD editing program. Both locations have the patches in the editor now. Guess it's a glitch with the editor?
  19. Okay. Step 1. Right click on the patch to be copied. (it gets highlighted) Step 2. Right click again on the patch to be copied. The menu comes up with the choice of actions., copy, cut, etc. Step3. Left click on the Copy option. Step 4. Left click on the new location to place the copied patch. Step 5. Right click on the mouse to bring up the paste function. Step 6. Left click on the mouse the paste function. At this point, the copied patch name appears in the new location but none of effects or amp are visible. If I click on the new location name it reverts back to a blank patch and the patch name disappears. Thanks.
  20. I'm trying to copy an existing patch into another location on the same list in order to set it up for my single coil guitar but the usual copy/paste method is not working. I get the same patch name to show up in the location but none of the effects or amps show up. I've done a search on the forums and there's nothing about this happening. It seems simple enough to do but for some reason it's not working. Am I missing a step or is there a problem with my POD? Thanks.
  21. Thanks kindly for your help. I had a feeling that might be it. Cheers!
  22. I've been trying to assign two effects to one footswitch so that I can toggle between the two, turning one on and the other off and vice-versa. The issue I'm having is that I can't get the footswitch indicator to light for the effect I want it to show when lit. I'm using a compression and a distortion effect and I'd like the indicator to light when I have the distortion turned on and the indicator light to be blank when I have the compressor turned on. I can get it to work but it's in the reverse order to what I want. I tried to look this up in the manual but it doesn't really explain how to do it, just that you can either have two effects on or off at the same time or have one on and one off and vice-versa when using a single footswitch. Is there some kind of order that needs to be followed? Thanks
  23. Ok, got it. I've had my master at the same level and don't change it between patches. Thanks.
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