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  1. Ok, so if I go into Global settings and switch from line to mic xlr output my signal won't be as hot, correct. The option before that, 1/4 " output what's the difference between the options of Line or Instrument cause I might go back to using a DI for safety purposes and that's where I run out of.
  2. i'll explain how i run mine and see what you guys think. XLR out of Helix to snake or mixer then turn output knob on the Helix all the way up. I use to come out 1/4 to DI then XL to snake. We run our own sound, so when I PFL .... attenuate my signal the gain on my channel is only at about 7-8 o'clock on the mixer. So what ( if you think I should ) turn down on the Helix to lower my signal to the board since there are many options, I have the output knob on the Helix turned all the way up so my volume stays consistant and would prefer to keep it that way if possible. I just want to know whats the best way to go. I do not use any other outputs on the Helix as I have a stage monitor fed from the mixer to hear myself.
  3. When using a XLR cable to go to either mixing board or snake, your volume ( output ) wheel on the Helix should be set where for best S/N ratio?
  4. Well, I got it to work. I had to use recovery on the computer and reload everything. Long story short is the driver wasn't loading properly.
  5. Tried everything I can think of, still no luck. I know the usb is working cause under devices and printers in the settings menu of windows 10 it shows the Helix with a ( ! ) beside it saying no drivers installed when I know they are cause they are in the HX Edit download.
  6. Does anyone know if HX Edit uses any drivers for the program to run with the Helix?
  7. Yes, I tried 3 different usb cables, uninstalled and reinstalled the program 3x and restarted my computer 3x. Still HX Edit does not recognize the Helix.
  8. Never had a problem before, but now when I open HX Edit, it says no device connected. Tried a different USB, but same outcome. Uninstalled HX Edit and reinstalled, same outcome. Any Ideas?
  9. I do watch Jason's videos and have downloaded one of his tones that utilize the gain blocks, I thought that was a neat trick also. I will have to try that in my patches that I use live and adjust each gain block accordingly to the FOH. i played a medium size venue last weekend and got a chance to hear my tones in the mix and they sound ok when everyone else is playing but on their own is when I noticed the fizz.
  10. I would like to thank all who gave their opinion on this subject, its been highly informative for me to say the least! The only question I have left ( yea right lol ) is... Could someone post a capture of their signal chain with the high/ low cut in the chain? I must be doing something wrong cause if I took any of my patches or any of the factory ones ( which I don't use ) and placed a 5.5k cut at the end, it would sound like I placed a stack of blankets over the FOH,...it would not cut threw the mix. So I quess I'll try this, place the cut... 8k or lower first then make up the difference with the amp block's eq. ( bass, middle, treble, presence ) or should I start with a higher cut 11.5 ? 11.5 on down is where I notice the block starting to effect my tones.
  11. I need help understanding this ...If a 6 string guitar goes to 8K after that is just air according to a Korg chart that I saw on freq., then what is the purpose of having a horn? When I run direct with my Helix, I have noticed some fizz on the top end, but if I run it with a amp and cab there is no fizz. Also I noticed that a lot of people put a high/low cut in their signal chain. I did that also, but any lower then 12.5 k and the life goes out of the tone.12.5 k??? So I guess that these settings are not real world settings? I'm not knocking the Helix by any means, lord knows I have and use their products everyday. I have a lot of other guitarists, myself included wondering this.
  12. Done that several times. Even before I had Native the same thing was happening with Pod Farm too. Constantly having to authorize my computer ( Windows 10 )
  13. Every time I want to use Native I have to reauthorize my computer. Do that 3X and Line 6 will not let it authorize, so you have to go to your account and X out the prior times you authorized the same computer. WHY do I have to go threw this?
  14. Thanks for the info! I had the same problem. I think it's solved now. I hope!
  15. I think I have it figured out. If I would of read down the forum more I would have seen that someone else had the same trouble. For some reason I have to keep logging in for Native to be authorized. This is very annoying, not every time but mostly every time. I use CCleaner to keep my computer running good and I'm wondering if that's where the problem is originating, ( getting rid of temp files, etc...) I wish Line 6 would post these problem codes on the forum.That would of made this adventure a lot easier to deal with. Forgive me if they have because I haven't been on here in a while cause I rarely have a problem with any of their products..
  16. It worked for a while today, but now Failed to connect to device.( Device has not been initialized properly.CODE 8201 )
  17. For about a month they worked great. Now when it loads the sound changes, and when I click on the edit button to bring up the display of Helix Native, the DAW crashes. Windows 10 64 bit. All the other VST' s work with no problem. Any thoughts?
  18. I want to thank Line 6 for the Helix because since the late 80's into early 90's I have ran direct ( Digitech RP1 ) and held belief that someday the holy grail ( at least for me ) would be invented and the Helix along with 3rd party IR'S have answered that dream. I have only used it live 3 times so far but sooo good! I set it on the floor, plug it in, run 1/4 to DI, xlr to the snake, PFL my channel for gain and maybe sometimes very little EQ adjustments on the board and there it is all in one unit! KILLER :) And I had a Kemper and a AX8 , returned them both.
  19. How do you copy all your ir's at one time and replace them all at the end of update and have them all go back to the correct corresponding assigned numbers?
  20. Since I'm a newbie at this can someone explain how to switch control from expression 1 to 2. Thank You.
  21. While playing the audio drops out, but if you crank the wheel (volume ) you can barely hear it. It doesn't seem to matter which patch. Tried different guitars also. If you go to the next patch volume is there, go back to original patch and its ok til the next time it happens. Any ideas?
  22. We use a top of the line passive JBL system, but have not heard encouraging words about JBL monitors.So I'm kinda stuck. I just want to leave the FRFR at home for creating tones and will use the systems monitors live. The monitors we use live are huge JBL passive fronts ( 15 and horn ). We use them as cross stage cause we all run direct.
  23. I'm looking at the Yamaha DXR series and was wondering if anyone has experience with these and the sonic difference between using the 10" compared to the 12" . I would tend to believe you would get a little better bass response from the 12".
  24. Just wondering how any of the Helix owners who run direct to FOH go about creating tones eq wise. I used my Helix live to FOH for the first time last weekend for a two night show and only had to cut the highs a touch. I used a monitor (JBL) to create my tones and our PA is also a complete JBL system and the response from avid tube players was that they liked it. I was wondering if because I used the same speakers as our mains if that helped make the tones closer to being correct eq wise? If you play threw a different PA night after night how do you create your tones to deal with that circumstance?
  25. Followed your advice and it worked like a charm! Got many compliments from other seasoned tube amp players, Think I might of helped Line 6 sell a couple more. THANK YOU!!!
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