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  1. I've since sorted some of the issues... I now have a phasing issue on the amp but everything else works great. My mix is on 100% on the fx loop block My 4cm is guitar into helix, - 1/4 output to Amps return,- Amp input into send 1 - and return 1 to amp fx loop send I have no modulation effects. The snapshots change my amp channels fine its just the weird phaser sound especially in the dirty channel Thank you for your reply!
  2. Hi guys, I am new to helix, Recently tried FRFR and wasn't sold on the sound for what Im doing. I want to use 4cm to my Mesa Boogie rectifier and I have hooked it all up. I set my commands up to change the channels of the amp VIA ext amp. I am experiencing tone suck which I can't get to the bottom of... The amp sounds cleanish on the dirty channel And also if I put FX after the loop (In screenshot pictured) the effects don't work at all? they work before the input signal but not after nothing at all. My Mesa has a serial loop could this be causing this? It only has a switch that says bypass or FX loop My global settings are (guitar pad) off (1/4 outputs - Line) (Instrument - Send return 1) and (Instrument - Send return 2) Basically all I want to do is be able to run effect before and after the amp... And use snapshots to make the helix change my amp channels between them Sorry if I sound silly there is probably a simple fix but Im really wanting to get it all up and running
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