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  1. I already know what happens, the pod has the effect been inverted relative to the peak, the peak 0 is OFF but the pod is ON. is there any way to reverse this in the pod
  2. I save the state of the effects, but regardless of how they are then they are not in the same state when changing preset by the pod and not with the pedal midi if successful, the problem is to change with the midi pedal Thank you very much for answering a greeting
  3. Hello, i have a pod pro hd and peak fcb8n. Preset works perfect, but the CC instant button doesn't work correctly. When set up fs1 fs2 fs3... on CC 51,52,53 works good, the cc active and inactive, the problem come when i change the preset, the effects not saved as the FCB8N is indicated. Sorry for my english :( greetings
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