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  1. jdbowers4

    Variax and Firehawk

    Do you guys play through a cabinet or an FRFR?
  2. jdbowers4

    Variax and Firehawk

    Right on, thanks for the input
  3. jdbowers4

    Variax and Firehawk

    Hey guys! I'm probably going to purchase a Variax this weekend. Anyone using one with a Firehawk FX? What are your experiences? To be able to manage your rig from top to bottom with iOS is extremely appealing and so far, I've had a blast playing with the FX. Furthermore, I will be using the entire setup live...any naysayers?
  4. jdbowers4

    Reviews on Variax Standard?

    Hey guys. I'm looking to get a Variax this weekend. Guitar Center has a 15% off deal which makes it that much easier to buy....How are your experiences with the Standard? Any issues with it staying in tune after using the trem arm? I'm definitely not picky when it comes to exact replication of tone, etc, just bought a Firehawk FX and having a blast with that. I would definitely be using the Variax live. Any naysayers?
  5. jdbowers4

    Which Variax is for me?

    Guitar Center has a 15% off deal this weekend...you can get a Standard for $679. I was dead-set on getting a JTV59 but it seems that every "new" one out there was made in 2012! Sweetwater shows serial numbers of all the guitars they sell so you can choose exactly the one you see. All of the date codes are 4 years old on the JTV's but it seems all of the Standards are 2015's. Kind of odd but it may be something to consider.