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  1. Yes, that sounds about right. I have a similar setup but I only use one loop. This is my approach for a cover band that I'm in: -Guitar -> Digitech Drop -> HX FX input -In loop 1 : Tube Screamer -> Mooer Cali Mk3 (Preamp). I really only use the TS pedal in front of the preamp, for any post drive/boost I use HX's Gain block and boost the signal from +3 to +6 dB for Solos. -Boss FV-500L on Exp/Ext amp 2 in to control some parameters on HX's effects blocks. -Place Loop 1 block wherever I want it to be. -Put HX's effects wherever I want, after/before the pedals in loop 1. -Go out from the HX FX to a Mooer Baby Bomb 30 power amp and then to Mesa 2x12 closed back cab. Using this approach leaves Loop 2 free when I need to connect to my Peavey 6505mh in 4CM and use Ext amp 1 out for channel switching when playing with my Metal band.
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