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  1. ok so that seems to help quite a bit. thank you. now i was wondering if i can connect my headphones to the pod and jam along to it other than using my speakers/ cab. I tried connecting the headphones to the pod but still no distortion sound. would there be any means to fix this problem? thanks
  2. I'm not sure about the patch but it seems like just a new tone in the pod hd edit. What I did was send a cable from the pod left output to return in the fx loop and a cable from my guitar to the pod hd guitar input. All the knobs are maxed out but there is no drive from my tube amp. I go into the pod hd edit and still no drive or distortion coming. Just a clean sound only. Sorry if I'm not explaining it well. I can make a video upload it to YouTube and post it here and maybe someone can critique on what I'm doing wrong. Thanks
  3. I am just mostly trying to use a tube screamer and compressor, noise gate in the pod along with my dark terror. I love the sounds it has. But nothing seem to work, I have tried putting the pod hd in the fx loop and still getting no distortion from the tube amp, tried putting it after the tube amp and same problem, and tried sending on of the output of the pod to the return in the tube amp and still no distortion from the tube amp.
  4. So i tried all 3 methods as suggested and I still get no drive from my tube amp. Just the raw sound coming from the pod and nothing more. Is there something I am doing wrong?
  5. So would you recommend connecting Guitar to tube amp input Pod left output to amp send Pod right output to amp return Thanks
  6. Hello, good day everyone. Guitar noob question here. So I have a line 6 pod hd bean, an orange dark terror and orange 1x12 cab. I'm not so much liking the stock amps in the line 6 hd edit and wish to use the dark terror along with the pod. Is that something that could be done? Can I just send a cable from the input in the dark terror into the pod hd left or right input and then connect my guitar to the pod hd? Or should I connect the pod to the fx loop in the dark terror? Which I am quite unfamiliar with. Cheers!
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